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Introduction and needing help with IBS and Anal Fissures


Hey guys, so I am new to this site and am a 22 year old Male who has suffered with Anal fissures since I was about 14 years old when my first one came about. Since then it wasn't so bad and has only been a real big issue when I had food poisoning when I was 19 and was diagnosed with IBS-C. This is a HUGE problem for me, as I take Laxido to sort out my bowel issues. I normally take about 1 sachet per day as this seems to work for me and I do not want to take too much as it causes me to go too much (Especially when I'm in work). So essentially the reason I am posting on here isn't so much as issues with stomach pain or the likes, it's more the fact that I get a lot of times where the fissure opens up and causes immense pain for which I use a topical cream which I need to insert and all those gory details. It's impacting my life a lot and it's especially hard as my girlfriend is an adventurous person who loves to go out and explore wildlife and as I am a man with unfortunate circumstances, the IBS and anal fissures has taken over my entire life. I'm too scared to go anywhere, I've been attempting to control my fears by taking a number of pain relieving medications out with me when I go places as well as wet wipes (Although they cause severe burning of the anus).

So the main question is, how can I fix this? To describe the problem itself more aptly, when I go to the bathroom and barely strain, I still get burning pains and due to the laxido I go to the bathroom much more and frequently wipe too much so that causes even more pain.

TL:DR - Anal fissures suck SUPER BAD. They are chronic. Love life is in jeopardy due to this and my IBS, what do I do?

P.s - My girlfriend tells me to go to the doctor, but I'm scared that my issues won't be fixed. Also, I wish there was a more effective treatment than Laxido, is there any out there that is better for my body? Trying to also lose weight and go to the gym and the likes.

Age - 22

Height - 6"2

Weight - 17 stone (I like to think I wear it well or that I've dropped weight)

Other health issues - Anxiety and confidence issues

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Hey, I have only recently experienced an anal fissure and I feel your pain! Doctor gave me topical cream and Laxido which don't really work for me. I have read that the next step is surgery! Which is the reason I have stopped bringing it up to the doctor and just suffering! It is literally just a case of good luck, as to whether it flares up or not. I haven't been able to pinpoint why mine doesn't hurt every so often. I wish I could though!

I don't and have never suffered with anal fissures but I have IBS C and what I take now is a good dessertspoonful of Golden Linseeds soaked in around a 3rd of a mug of water; I normally soak them for around 1/2 to an hour (I buy organic ones as I feel much better taking something like this that is completely natural). I find that this works a treat for constipation, nothing else has ever worked on me. It was someone on here (Grannycake) that recommended this and I'm so glad I read her post.

I also feel for you re anxiety as I love the outdoors and love walking but there are times when I get stressed and anxious as I also get nausea (I'm hopefully sorting this out now as I am now omitting Lactose from my diet as I think that's why I'm getting the nausea) and I worry that I'm not going to be well.

I am taking part in an overnight charity walk tonight which is just a little over 11 miles, that isn't far for me, but I have had nausea now for the past half an hour or so so have taken a travel sick tablet and hoping for the best and that I will be fine; sometimes I get diorrhea with the nausea so hope that doesn't happen.

I hope that you feel better very soon and in the meantime I would look at something like meditation for the anxiety.


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