Anal fissures/tears

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Sorry this post may be a tmi one but I'm honestly at a loss right now. I have "irritable bowel syndrome". The reason it is in quotation marks is because I believe it is something more serious, however this is what I keep on getting told.

Anyway, I have diarrhea pretty much every single day. Today my anus teared for the 8th time in the space of about 2/3 months. I know how to deal with them when they occur now (Vaseline, sensitive baby wipes and a gentle soap) but why do they keep occurring? And how can I stop them? I'm seriously getting tired of the pain/inconvenience. Usually there is only a spot of blood but there is a lot right now and I have just been gently dabbing it away. I think its slightly worse this time :( is there a long term solution for this?

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  • I get this a lot and deal with it in the same way as you. Hot baths are my favourite.

    I always thought that as the diarrhoea rushes through your stomach and bowel it must be very acid and maybe it burns as it comes out.

    Have you tried Imodium to slow it down and give your bum a chance to heal?

    Last year I had a sigmoidoscopy when my diarrhoea was particularly bad, the consultant said my anus and rectum looked perfect - I've never quite understood that!

  • Hi Maria, maybe it has become sensitive and weakened a certain area , or that you are going so much, I too have IBS-D and somtimes have to slow it down to give botty a rest as gets sore. Imodium doesn't agree with me so I take Colpamin and that works for me. But I now keep a close eye on my diet and I now know what triggers me of, so I am not so bad now. Have you spoken to your Doctor about this, it must be awful for you. I wish you well and hope it eases soon.xx

  • Colpermin works for me in conjunction with cutting out certain high fodmap foods. The soreness in my case is caused by piles and I find anusol helps with that.

  • I have almost identical symptoms and would like to know the answer too.I was thinking it may be a fisscular?

  • Hi there something you are eating is causing this, cut out fat for a start and see if it improves your bowel motions, meat and raw begets ate hard for your tummy to digest so if it's not fat cut out meat and raw Vegas for a while and see if you get any changes. Wishing you well

  • Have you had a gastroscopy and/or endoscopy to determine that there is nothing else other than IBS causing your symptoms - IBS is diagnosed when there is no other cause

  • Try aqueous cream to soothe and clean.

  • I FIND CHOCOLATE IS MY WORST ENEMY.but try a gel called instillagel it certainly does bring relief.also try aciclovir may help ease

    I had a really bad bout a few days ago and have to say i thought that area was on fire it was horrible this was after eating garlic prawns my absolute favourite(no more) did i suffer.but the gel and tabs helped soothe thing a lot quicker.look forward to catch up on all our probs in new year.Lets try and solve these probs as docs don't seem to know what to do eh.

  • My advice or should I say what works for me, Oats in any form, but porridge is good, wholemeal bread, bananas. I take Raw Organic Apple Cider Vinegar twice a day to slow down the passage of food through my

    system as Ive had a proctectomy. I use to take Immodium on a regularly

    basis and now take none at all, ACV works for me but it will not work for

    everyone obviously, but worth a try. I have a list of what to take for D

    and what to eat for C, but its trial and error.

    Hope you feel better soon.

  • See a Dr.... One common cause is hemmroids. But do yourself a favor and pick up preparation h wipes. They work well for soothing the on fire or painful exit.

    But all bleeding needs to be verified.

  • Firstly thank you everybody for your words of advice and for taking time out to comment. In regards to the cause of the diarrhea, I honestly don't have a clue. I have been tested for celiac disease and it was negative. I have tried a gluten free and dairy free diet and although it did help the diarrhea, it didn't completely stop it, therefore I thought "what is the point?" and went back to my normal eating habits because I felt too restricted (sounds silly i know). I don't know if it is relevant but I have pcos as well and have surgery soon as doctors suspect endometriosis. I remember having diarrhea a lot as a child but it got worse around the age of about 16 and now I sometimes cant even finish my meal without the severe abdominal cramps and need to rush to the loo. Its debilatating and embarrassing. It rules my life :( xx

  • Hi. I too have had recurring fissures and have been treated. First ly ask your doctor for rectogesic which helps the pain and healing. It can give you a headache and takes quite a long time to heal but it definitely helps. If that fails or you cannot tolerate it the treatment nowadays is botox injection in the sphincter. You definitely need to see a doctor to verify that it is a fissure and then get the required treatment. Please do not suffer any longer . Good luck :)

  • I had a fissure for 9 months that would not clear up and became very painful it kept me awake at night. My bowel surgeon suggested a gluten free diet. This was 5 years ago an I have never had another fissure. So I hope this helps.

  • I have had IBS for years and since having a total hysterectomy it has got a lot worse and very debilitating. The doctor recommended following a low fodmap diet. I started by cutting everything out that could cause fermenting in the gut. After 8 or 9 weeks I have started putting back some of the items. My stomach has improved immensely and I am slowly reintroducing various foods. If you want to know more go to or just google fodmap diets to find a list of good and bad foods. I can't recommend it highly enough. It doesnt work for everyone but I think the success rate is over 75%.

  • I get them and the pain everyday. Take pain killers use anusol cream and also the suppositories at night. Use ice and and Imodium

    Ive Been suffering with ibs for over 15 years I'm in my late twenties so it's been a rough ride. stop eating gassy and oily foods cut out all gluten dairy and processed sugars. Drink soothing teas and broths daily and take probiotics, enzymes, kombucha, anti spasms medications and Imodium if needed, there is a liquid medicine called flying rabbit which I wrote about on this website and helps loads. Take control of what you eat and when you eat it and cook as much as you can and feel free to check out my website for free recipes and tips :-)

  • You HAVE to try Pranicure ointment for this...I had 2 fissures and I couldn't get them to heal because I also had pruritus ani (chronic anal itching). After trying dozens of products, some of which made the pain/discomfort worse, I read some online reviews of Pranicure and decided to order a jar decision I ever made as the stuff brought instant relief and my fissures were gone after using it for about a month! Best of luck to you, I know how agonizing and life-altering the condition is!

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