Chills IBS

Hi I am new to this site would like some advice.

Had a UTI in May antibiotics cleared it. For the last three weekends I have felt chills as if I am coming down with something get very bad IBS symptoms loss of appetite and increased urination all test come back negative for infection, have been a bit stressed. Feeling a bit better still have slight chilled feeling appetite comes and go. Some days its like one step forward five steps back.

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  • I have the same symptoms and they are ibs related unfortunately. I take paracetamol and wrap up warm and in an hour or so they disappear.

  • Thank you that is good to know its not just me.

  • My chills can last for a few days and feel very tired also very emotional is this also normal.

  • I don't get this but may you could look at some kind of relaxation for the stress - just a thought.

  • Thank you will give it a try

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