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Is this IBS/Collitis or something else?

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I was wondering if someone could help me. I am relucant to go to my GP as my symptoms are 'on and off' and often just a bit of nausea and feeling that I need to open my bowel constantly. Don't want to 'bother' them (plus it's a pain getting an appointment) I am 42 and female and I often have diarrhoea and have to go to the toilet 3x per day.... usually worse in the evening. I however put this down to my diet (too much coffee, junk, dairy - I suspected a mild dairy intolerance, spicy foods or alcohol!) If it's too bad I adjust my diet to cut out the junk for a few weeks and I feel a lot better. I have however lately been constipated which is very unusual for me and my appetite has reduced severely. I have had to almost force myself to eat despite feeling very nauseous. I've also gone from being constipated to diarrhoea again, so much so that my anal area is very sore from being wiped so often (sorry) I currently have a bit of fever too....not sure whether what I have got at the mo is a mild 'bug' or virus or something else. I don't take any meds at the mo other than a mild antihistamine for allergies. I have identified some foods that make my symptoms worse over the years so I avoid these where I can (coffee in excess, cream, Ice cream....absolutely can't have, very spicy foods, too much cheese!) I would be very grateful for any insight as the 'churny' feeling in my stomach and nausea is getting me down. Thank you.

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Hi there, I am sorry you are going through this. Please, do not hesitate to go to the Dr because your symptoms are not 'steady.' It could possibly be IBS, but I still think a visit to the Dr would help to soothe your mind (and that is VERY important!) Plus, he/she might want to do a blood panel just to rule out certain things and that would also help. Take good care, and please do make an appt. Good luck to you!

Hello, I'm so sorry you feel so rough right now. Can you tell me, how long have you been taking the allergy pill and did the constpation start around the same time? I have to take an antihistamine every day. They do tend to have a drying effect on the body, which will make constipation much worse. I get dried up regularly and that causes constipation, and painful trapped wind. I try to combat that with drinking loads of water. This is key. Warm lemon water when you wake up. I also take manuka honey and probiotics. I hope you find something that works for you and feel so better soon.

You should ask your GP to test for celiac disease, plus thyroid panel. After test maybe try a gluten and dairy free trial as these are common food intolerances.

Please make an appointment if you don't get professional help all you will do is get worse It may be just sorting out your diet but don't leave it you will regret it

You should get a doctors appointment to find out exactly what is causing your problems. I suffer with colitis and control mine by diet. But better to get checked out first as I did. Best of luck

It could be anything-please see GP its the only way to find out !

Love S x

If you have a fever with it it sounds like infection.x

Oh dear.................first of all you have to go to your Doctor - I know they don't have much idea about IBS, but at least they can discount other things tat we worry about, like bowel and pancreatic cancer. We all think of the worst things and the only way to put your mind at rest is to have our GP do the relevant tests to rule out other illnesses...........All of your symptoms sound exactly like I have suffered with for many years..........but since 2008, when it was so bad I lost over 10% of my body weight I had controlled it to a decent degree..........Recently I had to have an operation for the removal of a flat polyp in an extremely difficult position in the duodenum and complications followed which meant I was in and out of hospital for quite a while. Since then then IBS symptoms have returned........all of the problems you mention, the nausea is dreadful accompanied by a really nasty taste. I have even stopped the tablets I am supposed to take to reduce acid (to avoid opening the wound again), as they tend to upset me.......Now that I know this is just the IBS I can come to terms with it again and reduce the stress of worrying. You see that is another big IBS problem, stress! It really does mess around with your digestive system........go to your Doctor and best of luck....

Hi there, I would definatly make an appointment as you could have a bacterial inffection. If dairy is an issue there are over the counter pills called lactase pills which allow you to enjoy dairy again. Give them a try they worked for me. I hope this was helpful and i hope you feel better again soon.

Hi flamingstarr73,

I have had very similar symptoms throughout my life since the late 1960's. Same triggers as you mention . I am a male - Now 70 years old and things are better but Alcohol , Fresh Cream , coffee , ice Cream ,spicy foods etc. etc. all can spark it off. Sometimes I can get away with theses triggers but they often seem to spark off a bad period.

It sounds to me like classic IBS , although probably getting checked out worthwhile. Blood tests can rule out inflammatory bowl conditions etc.

I just thought reading your post immediately reminded me of my symptoms ,suffered on and off since age 21. Stress often also seemed to make symptoms worse.

Hope this is reassuring to some degree . Please advise how you get on.

Best of Luck.


Hi there, sorry to hear you're feeling poorly. I was recently diagnosed with ulcerative colitis and most of your symptoms sound similar to mine. I would see your doctor and push for a colonoscopy, if anything just to rule out anything serious. Good luck x

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