I had IBS-C I've Been Symptom free for 6 Months because I Started Taking Mushroom Supplements

Hello Everyone,

I suffered from IBS-C for 5 years. It was ruining my life. The pain, gas, and constipation was unbearable. I went to the hospital 4 times in 2014 between October and March. I started taking mushroom supplements and the IBS-C is totally gone now. I have waited 6 months to make sure that the IBS symptoms are actually gone and I stopped taking the supplements and within 3 days I had that stabbing pain in my abdomen meaning that I was going to have an attack. I took my supplements again and have not a one ounce of pain since. I did a youtube video about what I use (I don't work for the company or get any sort of money from them I just buy the supplement on Amazon). If you put in "My IBS is Cured! This is what I did!" you will see my video on what I exactly do. I hope this helps everyone :)


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  • Why can't you just give out the name of the product without having to go onto a video? That would help all sufferers like yourself.

  • Hi there, agree with Smpittman below, can you not just give out the name of the product as you have said you do not work for the company. If every I find something that helps me I will name what it is and hopefully then it will help others.

    Also, what kind of symptoms did you have with IBS C (this is what I have) i.e. did you just have cramping and constipation or did you also suffer with nausea and sometimes diorrhea if your tummy became upset?

  • I dont see how a mushroom supplement helps ibs c or d as it is a funghi and most people that have ibs have bad bacteria in stomach brought on by a illness or a tablet ie antibiotics that kill all good bacteria in gut.

    Your money and time would b better of getting a good probiotic, gut enzyme and candida natural tablet. Plus some inner leaf aloe vera!!!

    Peppermint oil capsules.... thats all i use and sorts it aless im a idiot and eat shit ha ha and i give u that information for free no having to watch a vid

  • Saccharomyces Boulardii is a probiotic yeast, a type of fungus. It's one of the best probiotics available. It's the only one that's helped my chronic diarrhea. If you take D-Mannose with it at the same time, it binds toxins in the bowel and they are removed. It also is a treatment for giardia parasite. People who are sensitive to fungi might not want to take it, but otherwise it's a wonderful treatment.


  • Thanks Lulububs. Could I please ask you what Probiotics you buy? I've also got Ginger and Lemon Tea and that tastes quite nice but I haven't drunk enough of it yet to see if it makes a difference.

    I've tried Peppermint Oil Capsules before but they don't work for me.


  • See the peppermint caps with the enzyme and the probiotics i take 15 min before i eat. That way my food sits better, no wind or gas. Or pain.. so three times a day.

    I take cytoplans acidiphilus and digestive enzymes. Holland and barratt peppermint capsules and i also buy there oil for days when i need to get rid of some extra wind or pain and it works a treat with hot water.

    If u have had antibiotics or a case of food poisoning in last 5 years u may wana take there candida one dont know what it called but it kills bacteria ( bad bacteria called candida) which can give u all the symtoms of ibs

  • Thank you Lulububs. I will have a look at the Holland & Barrett website. I had food poisoning back in 1996 and that is how my IBS started, I could eat anything before then.

  • My problem started with a food poisoning as well. It turned my digestive system upside down. Just a few months ago I could eat anything I wanted to eat, my bowels were normal. Now everything is messed up and I wonder if I will ever be in good health again.

  • I feel for you Milliebeans and it does make you feel like that. Unfortunately I've had it for around 20/21 years now and in the early days it was bad, then I had quite a few good years where I could eat most foods but it's now back with a vengeance so that is why I am going to be following the FODMAP diet - I'm just getting the food I need in first.

    The only way to deal with this awful infliction is to look at your diet, there is no other way.

    Best of luck to you

  • I bought the acidophilus today in Holland & Barret, they had it on special offer luckily so I am now going to start taking that.

  • I guess it sounds too good to be true, just a supplement, especially as we are advised to avoid mushrooms, but I will give it a try as have had enough of 6 years misery, we got to try - thanks

  • I have looked the suggestion and it seems that it not mushrooms as such it is a microism a kind of probiotics and i always use cytoplan.com for all my supplement as they add nothing else to them.

    I am gluten wheat yeast and dairy intolerant so cannot have anything added to my supplement.

    It seems this is a very good supplement this saccharimyces boullardi( cant spell lol) as it kills candida which is bad bacteria in gut which is brought on from stomach viruses, antibiotics , tablets, food poisoning.

    So all id say is try it as a ibs sufferer we try everything!! But make sure it clean.... always buy from a clean company that does not add startch or yeast. Cytoplan do one it 23 quid i think.

    I take there acidiphilus, gut enzymes and aloe vera inner leaf! It generally keeps all my ibs at bay and i have one normal poop a day which as we all know is a miracle!! Lol

    Im gona buy some to see if it help me along and keeps my gut good

  • I have not heard of inner leaf aloe vera can you recommend a brand

  • Ok DM if this is the case please tell the sufferers on this site your cure as this is the site we go to for help and advice not you tube Thankyou x

  • I searched but couldn't find your video?

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