Garcinia Cambogia Extraction question

Hi, I'm new here and was wondering if anyone is taking or has tried Garcinia to help with IBS symptoms? I have heard and read a lot of good things about it and even read that it is good for helping with issues related to IBS like bloating, but then there are people who say stay away from it. I am not interested in taking it for weight loss, it would be to help with my IBS-C strictly. Would love any feedback! Thank you :)

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  • I have never taken it but have heard of it for weight loss , I found a product called biamuno helped me a lot when I had flare ups , It is available at boots in the uk with all the natural medicines

  • Thank you for your reply! I wonder if they have it in Canada? Is it a natural remedy? I can't tolerate gluten, dairy, or eggs.

  • I found when taking it that my IBS symptoms pretty much disappeared. I had minimal to no IBS issues for a good year after I stopped taking it. I just started taking it again, not for weight loss, but because it eased my IBS symptoms considerably.

  • Hi did u get bloating of the stomach? Been taking for 2 days and my stomach is huge and really uncomfortable. Many thanks I get ibs c and ibs d

  • Hi how is your ibs now with garcinia. I stopped taking because of headaches. But now one minute I'm constipated then diarrhea not sure whether to go back on it. Any help I would really appreciate thanks

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