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Anyone else had positive experience with Aciclovir?

I recently had a relatively mild attack of shingles and was given Aciclovir, an antiviral medicine used in the treatment of cold-sores and other herpes infections.

What also seems to have happened is that it has vastly improved my IBS-d symptoms, in that I’ve had no episodes of diarrhoea or bloating since. It’s very early days (two weeks) but I did Google Aciclovir and IBS and found a few hits, such as the one below:

Hello everyone -I have suffered with IBS D for 25 years (since I was a young tween/teen). I went to every doctor possible, had scopes, celiac tests, anything you can imagine. After getting no help from medication, I just learned to live with it by taking bulking fiber supplements everyday (I take 8-10 fiber pills everyday at 2pm like clockwork). It helped but I still had IBS-D (just made it much more predictable). I have been doing that for about 14 years now.Then the unfortunate thing happened where I caught a mild case of herpes (during protected sex - yes you can still catch it). The doctor put me on Acyclovir to clear up the infection. After a few days I started having normal, solid bowel movements. I started thinking - wow this has not happen to me in 20+ years - what an interesting side effect. I took it for 2 weeks. The entire time my IBS was about 95% gone (completely normal and solid BMs). But guess what - here's the more interesting part - it is now two months after I stopped the medication and my IBS is still gone. Either God blessed me with a miracle after 25 years of suffering or this medication had something to do with it. I googled acyclovir and IBS and some other similar stories popped up.I don't know what anyone can do with this story but I am just passing it along.God bless and good luck to everyone. ‘

So, anyone else had this experience?

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Hi thanks for the info. I have not heard of this medication before, but it might be the breakthrough we have all been waiting for. I await other replies.!!!

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The trade name of Aciclovir is Zovirax, which millions of people use as a cream for the treatment of cold sores.


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