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So upset and frustrated - had a colonoscopy and endoscopy which revealed nothing. I had semonella 8 months ago - since i have never had a normal BM - The gastro doctor says i have post infectious SIBO and to keep on the low fodmap diet and try normafibre (which has sucralose which is forbidden on sibo diet) The low fodmap diet differs with the sibo diet (alot the same, but says to avoid potatoes corn rice) so then i started with that list - and then I find another SIBO diet (scd says it cures SIBO ) but once again differing dos and don't.

I have lost so much weight - i honestly can't keep this up. I have eliminated all that I should - but it's not really getting any better. Probably worse. She had me go on 10 days Flagyl again - but didn't help.

I feel like just going back to normal foods. I now have had this inflammation in the rectum - had it twice now and starting to have bloating which i didn't because of the probiotics. I have started on a new probiotic which is called SB Floractiv - and hoped that might help???

Who knows - I've been gluten free dairy free and off all processed foods. I cheated last week with a peppermint crisp however.

But in all i eat what i should - in fact healthier than i had in a long time but it just causes me to loose more weight.

I'm wondering if i have hospital strength sustagen (protein type) if that would be okay cos i need to start putting on some weight.

I have had no appetite since the semonella - but I am anxious about the BM and loss of weight which probably isn't helping.

Has anyone been suffering these things? I'd like to hear as I'm really down over it all.

Thanks. Rhonda.

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I have IBS and am supposed to be following the FODMAP diet but I keep cheating 🙄. Know how you feel , I have lost loads of weight as well. Seeing a dietician in 4 weeks ( luckily ) she lives next door ! . It is such a fickle issue, I'm not taking anything , they gave me Mebeverine but it has lactose etc in them 😠


hi, its absolutely terrible. So fed up. My gastro doctor suggested a dietician - but at $165 a visit - seems alot of money. But I guess I'll go that route soon. I've tried all these diets and i can't just keep loosing weight. It's all confusing - and even the gastro doctor suggested Normafibre to bind up the stools but it contains sucralose which is something you shouldnt have if you have SIBO so even the doctors dont know much about the dos and don'ts doesn't give me much confidence. Goodluck and appreciate your reply. It's always nice to know you aren't alone.


I have had same problem, i had infection in stomach was in hosp for 3 days and when i got home was on augmentin for 14 days, i got sicker and sicker, my stomach was a mess and i ended up in hosp AGAIN.

Noone knew what it was but on returning home i couldnt keep anything in i felt sick all time, my friend suggested i see her allergist and i was told that the antibiotics had basically stripped my stomach and lining as thats what all the stomach antibiotics do so i had become wheat and dairy intolerant as my stomach could not digest it at moment.

I also had candida( bad bacteria) as the antibiotics had killed all good bacteria. No sugar!!

So for three weeks i been no sugar, no gluten, no dairy and It worked!!! After 12 weeks of hell, losing 2 Stone, i can now eat ( healthy).

So it maybe the same case as you, flagyl is one of the harsher antibiotics especially on stomach so it maybe that your stomach needs some good stuff.

Also i take a good Gut enzyme, good probiotic three times a day and peppermint oil and a tablet called "dida".

Hope it helps ux


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