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Hard to word this question

Hi all, I've been on this website for years but funny enough never thought to browse the communities for IBS. Well, I'm here now and I have a question about the low fodmap diet.

So I would like to know what the total fodmap content per meal is? Like if I were to have like 10 different foods all at once (green light foods, single serving), I'm pretty sure my symptoms would flare up. So is there like a specific quantity per meal? 100 grams?

I didn't really know how to word this question, so I hope you understand what I mean.


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I know what you mean - as the things I've read says the fodmaps add up in a day!! Sorry I've no answer but I guess it's down to each individual how much they can tolerate!!


Yeah ok thanks anyway Jane. I guess I'm just looking for a base quantity that's recommended for everyone to start at, then with trial and error I can find my niche. I'm surprised all those ppl on YouTube don't mention it in their low fodmap videos....

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When you eat low FODMAP you will be eating very low fermentable foods. Therefore any amount within reason would be fine as there wouldn't be a strain or gas on your bowel.


Yeah but how would you define 'within reason'?


Fodmaps aren't counted in that way

The diet works that you remove them ALL for 3-6 weeks

Then you start to reintroduce one by one to determine your specific trigger foods

If it's not a trigger for you then you keep it in and if it is you keep it out

Hope that helps!


I thought it works by eating green light foods for 3-6 weeks before introducing orange and red light foods. There are barely any foods containing 0 fodmaps whatsoever. And what you said doesn't make sense to me. What happens after those 3-6 weeks?

I am only saying all this because I remember reading an article about a low fodmap recipe where the author mentioned a fodmap quantity limit per meal that is the standard for everyone. Once I find it I will share it


After the elimination phase you start to slowly add food back in to see if you have a reaction. Some FODMAPS foods bug me 100% of the time. Some never seem to bug me even if I eat quite a bit. And some bug me occasionally, perhaps due to lots of FODMAPS in a day, perhaps due to stress health, etc. It's worth giving the diet a try and sticking to the green light foods during the elimination phase. I didn't count grams of FODMAPS or anything. That being said, there are foods that are low in FODMAPS that really bother me. It's a great starting point though.


I am on the diet....

You said "I didn't count grams of fodmaps or anything".

What I want to know is, how do you count the grams of fodmaps? And once you know that, how do you know the standard level of fodmaps per meal AFTER elimination phase. I'm having trouble wording this so please let me know if something does not make sense


I don't, and it was never suggested that I do that from my gastroenterologist. I just ate green light foods and noted which ones were problematic. I never counted the amount of FODMAPS. Just by eliminating the ones I had the worst reaction to from my diet I improved a great deal. For example, beets, brussel sprouts, asparagus and stone fruits are bad for me all of the time. But I can use onion and garlic in normal proportions without issue. I know others that can't eat any amount of onion at all, but are fine with some of the other foods. So it's complicated, not at all straightforward.


If you did want to count FODMAPS per serving, you'd have to find the amount of FODMAPS per ingredient. Like a tomato has this much, an onion has that much. And you'd have to figure out how many servings a recipe would make. For example, this bowl of pasta will feed six people. If it takes one tomato in the ingredients, you'd have to divide the number of FODMAPS in one tomato by six servings. Now if the recipe only takes a half onion, you'd have to divide the FODMAPS in half an onion between six servings. It would be doable, but tedious. You could do it for your 'go to' recipes for a start if you're keen. Or there might be an ap for that. I know MyFitnessPal does that for carbohydrates, fat, etc so perhaps there is an IBS ap that does the same for FODMAPS.


Yeah I get what you mean. Tho I don't think there is a way of counting total fodmaps. I don't think it really matters, but I am on the diet to treat a condition that isn't IBS. The symptoms of this condition are dreadful and so any small mistake I make leads to 2-3 days of symptoms. In terms of counting fodmaps and figuring out how much is in each meal and how much I can tolerate, that will take me years to figure out, but like you said, it's complicated so I'll just have to take it slow


With any of these things, it's harder at the start. It would require lots of calculations and looking stuff up. But you get better the more you do it. I'd imagine after awhile you could eyeball the amount of FODMAPS because you've calculated the common ingredients enough. Good luck.


Hi all, so I found the article I mentioned before, where the author mentions a fodmap cut off limit per meal.


I haven't read it through so not sure if she explains it or not


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