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IBS Pain

My tummy bloats up and the pain is awful. I have been given altering citrate 120mg to take when it happens but all that achieves with in an hour is a cowpat down the toilet and a stomach filled once more with air and more pain.

I just think I got my diet sorted and wham it happens all over again!

I am wary to try Foodmap as I am anaphylactic to eggs so already have a restricted diet.

Does anything reduce IBS pain without resulting in a cowpat or is the Foodmap only answer?

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It should say alverine citrate 120mg *


You could try FODMAPS and avoid eggs as well- it's so hard to buy prepackaged foods I made my own the whole elimination portion anyways. Can you tolerate other protein? Or you could eliminate portions of it, and keep a detailed record and look for culprits that reappear. The only thing with not eliminating a lot at once is that it's difficult to figure out triggers, because you may have several to many different foods you react to. It's a tough diet, I waffled on it for a long time but it really helped. All of the triggers I've identified aren't even in the same FODMAPS sugar families.


I do not have any processed food anyway because most of it is too rich or contains eggs. I tend to eat fresh potatoes, fresh carrots, fresh peas and fresh meat. Another of my problem foods is acidic ones like fresh tomatoes or pickles.

Where can you get a free list for food Maps?


I know I cannot have gluten free bread most of it contains egg or a preservative called sulphate that I am allergic to. I cannot have normal white bread unless it is homemade due to preservatives in them.


I can probably try the fodmap excluding everything accept wheat. If I need to do wheat I would need a dietitian to help as so much gluten free contains egg.


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