SeCHAT Study

Has anyone had it done?

I went for my first referrall appointment at the hospital and they took my bloods and have also sent me to have a colonoscopy. I really don't think I'm ready for that :(

But I've had a letter through today regarding a SeCHAT scan which sounds really promising!

It basically measures bile salt retention and after doing a bit of reading it seems that this can cause unpredictable D and gas among other symptoms.

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  • hello

    Yes, think so-just had full blood tests at the hospital (4 x samples taken) because of "loose stools". Have to go back to GP for results. Also have to get 3 x stool samples to the hospital not done yet (one must be at the lab within 30 mins!!) Had a colonoscopy 10 years ago at present another one has not been recommended

  • Yes I need to do a still sample too but I've discovered an old school friend works behind the desk at my GP so it's a bit embarrassing 🙈

    I don't feel quite ready for a colonoscopy just yet... my symptoms are bad and effect my life but I don't think I'm as bad as some of the people on here. I think the bowel prep scares me the most!

  • The bowel prep is not pleasant but it has to be done. Follow the FoodMaestro app and see if it helps meanwhile, has changed my life 😀

  • Hi Jem,

    I had a Sehcat scan a couple of years ago (after many months of begging my GP). Simple, painless and easy... you just need to swallow a pill and go back in 7 days. The pill has a synthetic bile salt in it with a radioactive marker... when you go back they measure how much of they synthetic bile salt is still in your body. (the body naturally reabsorbs bile it produces in the digestive processes - it's reabsorbed at the end of the small intestines.)

    When the body doesn't reabsorb it, the bile continues through to the large intestines, where (because its an acid) it acts as an irritant to the lining of the gut. The body then floods the area with fluids to remove the offending substance as quickly (and often as violently and embarrassingly) as possible....

    Apparently I retained less than 5% of the salt and was diagnosed with Bile Salt Malabsorption (BSM)... huge relief that we could put a name to something and prove to the GP that I wasn't making it all up!

    I have since found that a Low-FODMAP diet has REALLY helped! Low fat, low sugar (I know it sounds boring), stops the bile build up to begin with, and lessens the fermentation processes in the gut that cause gas. Also take Omeprazole to reduce the stomach acids making the whole darned thing a lot more comfortable to deal with.

    Best of luck hunnie... I hope you find the answers you're looking for.

    K xxx

  • My leaflet said something about possibly having bruising around injection site. But doesn't actually say in the steps that I have an injection..

  • I've had the sehat scan and I've now been diagnosed with bile acid malaborsion. Which has the same symptoms as ibs. I take colesevelam one after every meal and it's made a big difference . I feel so much better , I still have days when I need to to go to the toilet more than I should but on the whole a lot better .

  • Do you know if it's possible for people with IBS C to have Bile Salt Malabsorption?


  • That's really good to know!

  • My leaflet said something about possibly having bruising around injection site. But doesn't actually say in the steps that I have an injection..

  • Hi there, I had another Colonoscopy back in August last year as my symptoms were getting worse and I must say that the preparation was not a problem; yes you have to stay close to a toilet but it doesn't make you feel ill at all. The diet 3 days before the procedure was easy to follow but a little boring; the day before the procedure wasn't easy as you could only eat boiled sweets/gums but not red ones. The procedure itself was so much better than it was when I had it years ago and so much so I'd happily have it again as I have never felt so relaxed and I felt so well after the procedure, the best I've felt in a very long time.

    Best of luck in whatever tests you have.

  • Wow that's good, thank you for telling me your story :)

  • You are welcome and it really did go well :)

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