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The self help group I run in Leeds has been fortunate to work with a number of healthcare professionals who are looking to help IBS sufferers deal more effectively with their condition.

One of the ways we are doing this is by developing links with researchers and one such study now requires our help. Please can you have a look at their message below and offer some thoughts on how they might best proceed.



Leeds IBS Self Help Group

A group of Doctors, academics and patients are working together to develop an IBS research study. The team want to look at the effects of a drug called Amitriptyline. The team are keen to find out what people with IBS think about the planned study to ensure that is relevant and helpful for patients.

Amitriptyline is sometimes used to help manage IBS. It is also used to treat depression. Amitriptyline may help IBS not because of its effect on mood, but because it can relieve pain and alter bowel activity. The aim of the research is to find out what happens when Amitriptyline is prescribed for IBS by GPs. In order to find that out, patients with IBS will be invited to join the study. If they agree, they will then be randomly allocated to receive either Amitriptyline or normal GP care. Patients will then be asked to complete questionnaires about their symptoms and quality of life.

The team would welcome any feedback about this study idea. Comments will only be used to inform the design of this study and will not be shared elsewhere. The team are particularly interested in whether you think patients would want to take part in this study. If you were invited to take part, what would encourage you or put you off? How would you feel about being randomly allocated wither Amitriptyline or routine care?

Any comments would be gratefully received. We really value the perspective of people living with IBS. Many thanks in advance.

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I'd be happy to help with feedback- please let me know how I can do this.


It's essentially looking at how you feel about being giving the option of taking Amitriptyline or just receiving standard care. The original post outlines the idea for the study and then includes the questions in the last but one paragraph.

Thanks for your interest


Hi, please could you let me know when & where your self help group runs? I live in Leeds & have been looking for somewhere like this to attend, many thanks


It'd be great to have you along. All the details at letscureibs.com/leeds-self-...


That's great, thank you


Hi, don't want to be negative but have taken amitriptyline for about 13 years & can't say it has made any difference to my IBS. I initially took it to help me sleep after a period of stress/insomnia, I still take it to help me sleep & I think it helps with general bowel aches & pains but not with day to day IBS. It may help others though so please keep trying to find something that works!


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