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CBT For anxiety

I have suffered with IBS symptoms since my teens,I am now in my 60s,I also suffer with anxiety and panic attacks,and my IBS is mainly caused by anxiety.

I recently paid to see a private consultant for a second opinion due to blood spotting,and was referred for a sigmoidoscopy ,which found and removed polyps,I am going back for a full colonoscopy.

At my first appointment with him,he suggested gut based hypnotherapy or CBT to help with my anxiety.I have tried hypnotherapy before,without much success,although I think perhaps I didn't bond with the therapist.

I am wondering if anyone has tried CBT and did it help,I will paying privately so any advice would be great, as I'm sure one appointment fee would pay for a years supply of Imodium.

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I have Emetophobia which, if you think about it, is like suffering with anxiety as I get anxious if anyone around me has a stomach bug and I am in close contact. I have suffered with this for many years which, coupled with IBS, is not a good mix as although I suffer more with IBS C - thank goodness - I do sometimes, more frequently of late, suffer with nausea as well.

I have been looking at a book for a very long time now called the Thrive Programme. The book had amazing reviews but there were just a half a dozen or so that were sceptical, they thought the reviews were too good to be true so on that basis I started to become sceptical. That was until someone on this site said they had followed the programme and are much better, their Emetophobia is all but gone. I have now purchased the book and have just started reading it.

The reason why I have mentioned the above is that the programme does not only help people with IBS, have a look at the link below:


Before you think of anything else I would certainly give this a try. Best of luck :)


Hi I have IBS and Anxiety. I currently have a private therapist who I go to to talk things through we also do some CBT and Mindfullness. I find it works for me mainly to just have someone to talk to and who listens. My anxiety stems from many things the past I have dealt with but now the main daily anxiety is the IBS. Worth a try and see if it works for you. There are also lots of books out there and even guided videos on YouTube. X


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