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Valerian root for anxiety related IBS?


Hello all, someone mentioned that taking Valerian root regularly might help for anxiety-induced IBS. I've noticed that sometimes stress levels and general worry affect my IBS and I am considering giving it a go. Has anyone tried to take Valerian root for IBS?

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Hi, Sorry I've not tried them but I'm watching this with interest. My gastroenterologist has said I have anxiety induced IBS and recommended antidepressants which I'm loathed to take at the mo and would like to try something else first. I was looking on the Holland and Barrett website the other day and their Passion flower tablets had good reviews. I've not thought of valerian, am off to have a look 😄

Thanks for the quick reply. Much appreciated. I think I’ll give it a go too.

I haven't tried Valerian but I do know it is recommended for anxiety I hope you find it helps you I have the same as you Do you use the videos on YouTube ? There are some good ones for IBS that I find very calming

All the very best 😊

JammyOK in reply to Cat33

Can you suggest some YouTube videos?

Does anyone have a mediation app they like?

Olivia1980 in reply to JammyOK

I use this one, which is based on the principles of hypnosis- it works ok for me, particularly to fall asleep.

But there might be better ones out there. I'd love to hear from others too.

Thanks for your reply. Much appreciated. I’ll try and let you know how it goes!

Which videos are you referring to?

Never heard of it but I would like to know more :)

Not used it. The NHS nice guidelines state that is medication has not been successful after a year then hypnotherapy can be of use.

Olivia1980 in reply to Marlows

Thanks! I've read it is not good to use Valerian root for long periods of time so it might be only possible to use it for shorter periods of stress.

Thanks for your comment- the stress/anxiety is not necessarily food related. I am trying to control my diet (eliminated wheat/diary/fatty foods), but the anxiety is due to other issues (e.g. high workload; worrying about others' wellbeing, etc). But I've noticed my tummy suffers when I am stressed.


Hi there,

I have used it in the past in the form of a herbal supplement including valerian and hawthorn. I found it very useful. You might also find other ideas in this article:


Thanks. I’ll read the article!

Can I ask whether you used that herbal supplement for a long period or only ocassionally?

Hidden in reply to Olivia1980

Hi Olivia,

I used it for about 2 years non-stop, and then for periods of a couple of months when I needed some extra help. I had no side effects whatsoever.

I'm interested in this too, as I've tried Valerian root in the form of Kalms a few times. It didn't seem to help in a majorly stressed event, but I didn't know how long it would take to have an effect. Some supplements need to build up in the system first. I have a clear anxiety stomach link, which has become really acute over recent years. I work on my anxiety, but find that once the digestive part has kicked in, even if I can calm myself the gut stays a mess. I end up having to take Imodium or buscopan with minimal relief.

Thanks for your comment. I find that this happens to me too. Even if the stressful event is over and I feel calm, the gut needs long to recover from these episodes.

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