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Hi fellow sufferers,

Has anyone ever had a problem with soft drinks. I am not great at drinking water or fizzy soda drinks and last night my wife decided that I should be consuming more liquid.

She produced a bottle of the Oasis brand of a summer fruits non-fizzy soft drink. It tasted fine and throughout an hour or so I consumed the drink... After about another 30 minutes I started to get stomach pains and shortly thereafter needed to head promptly to the loo. The resultant dose of D was extreme to say the least.

I was fine prior to the drink so decided to read the contents listed on the bottle. Sugar, Fruit juices (various) ,Fruit and vegetable concentrates . Stabilisers, Sodium this and that potassium sulphate, preservatives and various sweeteners including Aspartame and Acesulfame K.

The drink basically tasted like it was a very pleasant water based diluted juice. I am also fairly sure that I have sampled this previously ,although maybe not a whole 500ml bottle in a fairly short time , without this violent result.

I feel certain this brought on the attack and I just wondered if any others out their have experienced similar.. I am beginning to think sulphate and sulphites are a problem because these preservatives are often found in wines , even low and non alcoholic wines, these also tend on occasions to produce a similar reaction.

look forward to any comments


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  • I haven't touched a soft drink in years, always thought them to be disgusting and totally not fit for any person. They have so much rubbish in them in my opinion they should be banned.

    Have you got a problem with drinking water? If your wife thinks you need more liquid then water is the best thing as you have more water in your body than anything else. Not bottled water though, try buying a jug or glass that filters it.

  • Thanks for reply jimtom. Basically unless really thirsty ,which is not often, I find water heavy and not that pleasant to drink. Having said that ,the results of last evenings soft drink were well short of pleasant ,so might need to look at filtered water.


  • Give it a go Will and good luck.

  • Will get on the FoodMaestro app, there are loads of safe drinks you can have 👍🏼

  • Why not bottled ? It’s all I drink

  • Some say that the plastic etc is bad for us. I am symtom free and i only drank bottled water for the last 5 years, i see it as if i could heal from 40 plus symptoms while drinking 2l every day from a bottle then it can't be that bad for me.

  • Hi yes most drinks are my triggers alcohol, fruit juice, fuzzy drinks etc so I mainly drink water and herbal tea. I find the volvic flavoured water is ok though. Be careful of additives and sugar substitutes too x

  • Hi Nick11984, thank you for reply , I will have to try volvic flavoured water.



  • As far as im aware aspartame is a laxative for some. Not sure that the amount in just a small bottle would have that effect though, but each of react differently so it is possible. I have drunk flavoured waters containing it and had headaches and many trips to the loo in the past.

  • Thanks for reply Lisahelen. - I made just the one trip but it I don't think there was anything left after the visit but fine to-day. I was surprised at the sudden stomach pains etc . but there is a lot of chemicals in that brand. I would need to be brave and remaining at home to go for a retry !!

    Thanks again for replying.


  • I can't drink any soft drinks now! I'm same as you with regards water - so have a cooler built into fridge as ice cold spring water is more palatable than room temperature tap water! I've tried a few spring waters too as some contain more or less in way of minerals which also tastes different. Artificial sweeteners are a reason for me dashing to bathroom!! I certainly don't touch anything with a fizz.

  • Hi Jane2510,

    Thanks for reply -quite interesting , although had IBS for about 50 years now, never really considered soft drinks a problem before.

    Cheers-hope you are well


  • Makes me think of that ad, "The fizz that gives you whizz!";)

  • I had particular problems with Oasis. It looks like an OK product, but I couldn't handle it at all either!

    However, bizarrely I do find small amounts (an occasional glass) of Diet Coke feels like it settles my stomach.

    Otherwise I do as Jimtom suggests, and generally stick to water, and a coffee subsitute.


  • Alison, Diet Coke has the bad sugars in it, stick to real Coke

  • Thanks Lynne. I actually find the sugar in real Coke causes me more problems, probably due to fructose and lactose intolerance.

    But you're right, Diet Coke has aspartame in, which is supposed to be worse.

  • Better still don't drink Coke at all. Try putting a tarnished coin in a drop of Coke. Have a look at it a few hours later, you might get a shock.

  • I know but when you are desperate for something different, I only have maybe 1 can a week.

  • Just checked the FoodMaestro app, Oasis not allowed. You are allowed Coke and Fanta, I have them with no problems.

  • Interesting...

  • Was trying to put a photo of the app page on here but can't, in the FODMAP diet it says you can Robinsns orange ... oh no... when I checked the FoodMaestro app it said BAD !

  • I scream and run when anyone gets out orange squash!

  • These terms confused me from what I read fodmap is non uk diets so ingredient different. The maestro one is uk. Bit I haven't tired yet as I can eat same lunch fpr days and sometimes I am ill and sometimes not!

  • It's the aspartame etc your not allowed

  • For me there was something else going on with Oasis. Probably the fruit sugars.

  • Yep

  • And that's what lots of people give to their kids...

  • I have a problem with diet drinks. They make me feel really sick and nauseous. Like a bad hangover. Oasis is loaded with all sorts so I'm not surprised that upsets you. The fruit drinks that are marketed as healthy and labelled like they've just been squeezed off a tree and topped up with fresh alpine water are as bad if not worse than Coke etc. Everyone is different but my rule tends to be avoid the low calorie stuff. Normal lemonade and coke etc is fine. Ginger beer is good too but again, no low calorie. The expensive ones like crabbies and fentimans are really good and often make me feel a tad better if I'm having a nauseous spell. Sadly its often trial and error. Herbals teas cooled down and chilled could be an option if you're really struggling and want a cold drink.

  • Hi gurgleguts

    Cheers, thanks for reply, glad to know I am not only one to suffer from some of these drinks. Ginger beer sounds to be worth a try.


  • Herbal teas are bad for you as well😩

  • Are they? organic peppermint tea? ingredients...peppermint? if you're referring to teas with names like "bali sunrise" that come in a box with a beach and pineapple on the front or even worse, bottled ready made teas like the liptons teas (as they're not actually herbal, its more misleading labelling) then I would agree but Im not sure that is ALL herbal teas.

  • Peppermint is ok, chamomile not. I know there are a few on the app but they are brands like Pukka. I don't do herbal tea so it would take some work to find out which ones

  • For me peppermint tea or tablets or whatever is a no no!!

  • Go on the FoodMaestro app, it tells you exactly what you can drink 👍🏼

  • I started a health kick a while back and at home only drink sugar free squash. water or teas at home. If I go out I drink coke or cider and am actually ok.

  • I have just come across soft and fizzy drinks as being acid forming. (pH5-5.5) This could also be a reason.

  • For wine, there are some good organic wines without sulphites you could try. That would help establish just what you are reacting to.


  • Hi,

    I am not familiar with organic wines, can you supply any examples and where you get them. I am getting fairly sure sulphites are a problem. The cheaper wines tend to have more chemical content and they produce biggest reaction. Often non-alcoholic wines are bad.


  • It doesn't seem to matter if organic or not, I have the Co-Op Pinot Grigio and it's fine . There is a list as I said before on the FM app, not an organic wine in sight

  • Well, I live in France and can buy them in my local supermarket now. You will probably find some wine specialists near you stock them.

  • Fruit juice and aspartarmine probably the problem. If i have juice, i usually have pineapple and water it down with still water, or fizzy sometimes. I am also good with Nestea type drinks, basically iced tea, but not diet ones with sweeteners. Doctors always recommend Aquarius when i have diarrhoea, so usually keep that in also.

  • Please avoid all soft drinks especially fizzy ones like the plague and of course any drinks with chemicals. Warm body temperature water is good (if you drink cold or hot the body has the problem of changing the temp to body heat) but avoid drinking with food. Having a warm water drink on rising and before food is good for tummy. It is worth looking into this subject in depth.

  • Hi I know how you felt, I am unable to tolerate any artificial sweetener so avoid them at all costs. Coffee thankfully is OK for me as is skimmed milk. I also like cold water flavoured with Lime or Lemon juice I get from Asda. There is nothing else in them just the pure juice so no adverse reaction. As another alternative my partner grows varieties of mint in our garden and the leaves left in boiling water for a few minuted make a surprisingly sweet tea. You wont lose any sleep with that one either.

  • If I have anything with Aspartame in especially coke it makes me all shaky and gives me really bad panic attacks so I stay away from it now

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