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So sick of this now

I've suffered with mild IBS for years occasional constipation or upset stomach and bloating. The last 6 weeks have been hell though. It started as an upset stomach and with the exception of 3-4 days I've not been able to eat without pain or frequently loo visits. I've tried eati g all the right stuff, kept a food diary etc and finally last week I could eat normally without issue. After a day and half of constipation which I put down to finally eating I'm back to unable to eat:'( I had a soup for lunch and aside from a bit of gas I felt fine so ate dinner and bham major upset and constant run to loo! I had got to stage last week where not eating I felt good eating made me feel lousy and that's a dangerous mindset to have. Does anyone have any advice as I dont kbnow if I should eat and take immodium a d hope I get to work without issus or if the drugs will do more damage. I darent take time off work again as I'm ,having a negative effect on the department!!!! I just want to eat without fear even if I can never have pop or chocolate again I am so exhausted with this fear of accident and pain

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Can you see what the upset stomach was all about? It may have been something you have eaten, or not at all related. Look at my article on triggers for ideas if you need to: sickofibs.com/ibs-triggers/...

Eating small servings of simple things that you digest well and taking immodium could be a good immediate solution.

I took antispasmodics for several months, and then found I could come off them - with no after effect. But if you are worried ask advice from your doctor or pharmacy.

I have just posted an article on a potential overlooked cause IBS-D and IBC-C that might interest you too: sickofibs.com/ibs-symptoms/...



awful business, probiotics, chewable sort may help#


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