Is this because of IBS-D

Hi everyone,

Wondered if anyone else has trouble with their water works during episodes of IBS-d. I know it has given me piles and now I'm needing the loo a lot more although not at night. I am drinking more because in between I do suffer from constipation although stomach upsets is the main problem. Also if I sit in a certain position it feels more like I want to go. Bad enough with the IBS-d without this now happening. I have also been on antibiotics due to an ear infection which is when water works started playing up. Its been 3 weeks Monday since my ear started and I think I will have to go back to the doctors on Monday again as it is still popping and gurgling. Sorry to go on. Hope everyone is having a good weekend.xx

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  • Not me personally, but I know someone who is affected this way. Have you ever had a colonoscopy or flexible sigmoidoscopy to check your bowel? The person I know has severe diverticular disease in the lower part of the bowel and when that flares up it irritates the bladder too.

    Definitely worth mentioning to your doctor.

  • no, my gp has not even suggested one. Maybe something to look into. Thanks.

  • I also have severe diverticular disease and find that my waterworks are affected from time to time. I do also drink a lot of tea (decaff) and wonder whether that contributes to it.

  • I tend to drink tea too and have started drinking more water with no added sugar squash. I have cut down on my tea drinking over the last 24 hours and it has made a difference.

  • I'll really have to try, but I'm not a cold drinks person.

  • Try liquorice or liquorice and cinnamon tea (no caffeine). It's simply great. Caffeine and sugar make it a lot worse so I'd avoid both as much as possible!

  • Thank you. I have also heard cranberry juice is helpful. I will definitely give it

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