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Hi everyone! 

I've only just joined the forum and am looking for some advice.

I haven't been officially diagnosed with IBS yet but i have a lot of symptoms.

It first started at least 4-5 years ago but i never really gave it much thought. I also have an overactive thyroid and just assumed it had something to do with that. 

I finally told my doctor about it and she said after feeling my stomach that it could be very mild IBS. i never mentioned it again to her as the symptoms went away.

A few months later after moving home the symptoms returned and with a vengeance. I was scared to go out anywhere for fear of needing the toilet and not being near one. I have had a few close calls but luckily got home or to a loo before it was too late.

Since January this year it's felt like a constant. It never seems to flare up that much when i'm at home but when i'm out and about it happens every time... almost on a daily basis i'm rushing to find a loo to avoid the embarrassment. 

Since i moved to my new doctors, i informed her straight away about the symptoms i'd been having and that my previous doctor thought it was very mild IBS and that's when the tests started. Celiac's and Crohn's have been ruled out so my doctor is working on the assumption that it's likely IBS. I have an ultrasound scan booked for the 23rd to hopefully finally find out. 

When researching IBS online i found that i have the Stomach Pains, Diahorrea, Constipation, Bloating and Swelling of my Stomach, Urgent need to go to the loo, Feeling that i haven't fully emptied my Bowels, I only have problems with wind once i've been to the loo. Lack of energy ( could be down to low levels of Iron, Folate & Vit D)

I haven't noticed any food triggers. foods that cause it once don't always seem to cause it again. it can happen when i haven't eaten that day and when "pressure" is put on my stomach through lying on my stomach or if my Jeans/Trousers push into it.

Does it sound like i have IBS?, Anyone have any advice for dealing with the flare ups and keeping them to a minimum especially when i 'm not at home or close to a loo?

I've got too wait about a month before my next doctors appointment and that's a long time to wait with these symptoms.

Any advice/help will be greatly appreciated :) 

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  • Hi, it does annoy me when Docs say oh yes IBS, just by feeling your stomache, and a few blood test, I am wondering why they are doing CT scan as this won't show as much as a Colonoscopy, but I suppose it's better than nothing. Other than all you have stated, do you get pain in left side, as IBS-D is generally around that area, I feel for you about going out, I use to get those days. Have ou tried any binders, on days when you are bad. I take Colpamin it works for me, there is alsorts you could try, maybe ask a pharmacist. I hope all your test come back good, and good luck with the scan. Oh by the way don't use any before scan, you need your bowel to do its thing, to show on scan.

  • Hi Blue52,

    No, i don't get pain on the left side. it just seems to be all along the bottom of my stomach near my Pelvis. I haven't tried taking anything for it yet as i've heard you shouldn't take things for IBS unless you definitely have it so thought i'd wait till after today.

    My US scan is today and i have no symptoms at all. worried it's not gonna show anything and my doctor won't believe me and not continue to find out what's causing it.

  • Good luck let me know how you get on

  • Hi Blue52,

    Had my Ultrasound yesterday...only took about 15 mins. She really focused on my Pelvis after asking me where i get the pain and me saying at the bottom of my stomach. felt like forever but she was there for about 5 mins and then the same amount of time on my right side but only took like 20 seconds on my left side.

    When she first started she asked me when my first day of my last period was, if i still have both my ovaries, if i'm on the pill and if i am diabetic (i think that's the one she said i can't remember) I answered the questions (apart from the first day of my last period as it was on my phone) and she carried on. there seemed to be alot of lines that she was making (or whatever they are haha) for the Pelvis, some for my whole right side and none for my left side. she said it would take a week for my GP to get my results but make an appointment to get them. When she said that it made me nervous. i've had an ultrasound done before and loads of blood tests but i've never had one of them tell me to make an appointment for basically around a weeks time to get the results when my doctor gets them. luckily i already have one as requested by my doctor when i told her when my appointment was.

    She then said about finding the date of my first day and whilst i was looking for it said "and your definitely not on the pill or diabetic? again if that's the one it was) and i gave her the same answers and she never said anymore about it but the way she said it and the fact she was asking me again makes me think she has found something and i'm really nervous about it. she wasn't near the computer to think that maybe she was double checking whilst filling something in or whatever so this is gonna be the longest week 10 days ever as my doctors appointment isn't till the 2nd June :(

  • Oh Bless nicki, try not to stress my love, I have just had the most weirdest scan, and my hub over heard her in reception, commenting on me. I know ten days is a long time, but don't fret over it, go one day at a time, and you will be fine. When they stay in an area for a while they are just double checking, as this is what they are told to check this area. Take care, let me know the outcome. God willing will all be fine.xx

  • I hope so. whenever i think there is something wrong i'm usually wrong haha. i'll let you know xx

  • Hi Blue52,

    Got my results today and for once my gut instinct was right. I have Polycystic ovaries syndrome on my right side so i'm waiting to be referred to a gynecologist for further tests and treatment, A small amount of fat in my Liver and even after all that they still don't know if i have IBS or something else. I can't remember what she said as i zoned out after hearing Polycystic so i'm being referred to a bowel specialist too for further tests and treatment. don't know whether to cry or be relieved haha xx

  • You need to try to get to the doctor again as soon as possible and ask about hospital tests like colonoscopy and or gastroscopy to determine that it's not any other cause for your symptoms

  • Hi Cricketqueen,

    I'll try but it's taken years for them to do something about it as it is so it might be hard to get them to refer me for them but i'll try.

  • You must just keep on at them😀👵🏻

  • Doing the CT  is quite good they will be able to tell you if you have diverticulitis or dysobiosis.

  • Keep a detailed food diary.  Some days I can tolerate small amounts of my trigger foods, but most days it's bad news.  Also could be stress.  Do you exercise?  Reduces stress and can help to pass wind and reduce bloating.

  • I have been keeping a food diary but something that triggers once doesn't always do it again. Just lying on my stomach seems to set it off too. I do suffer from Depression, Anxiety and Stress. mostly Stress at the moment. I try too, According to my Fitbit i walk 100,000+ a week and have between 2-3 hours of active minutes 4 times a week when i work but that's all i can manage. I have an Overactive Thyroid & Hashimoto's disease so i do what i have to do during work and then fit for nothing the rest of the time.

  • Keep at the food diary if you can. I'm in the same boat. Some foods bug me 100% of the time. Others bug me occasionally. I think stress plays a huge part. Also, I think it can be cumulative throughout the day. For example, maybe i can tolerate small amounts of fruit. But if I have too much, or fruit and coffee, I get a bad reaction.

    Stress is tough. If you can keep walking, I find it helps. Also gentle/easy yoga is good. Reduces stress, and some positions seem very to help relieve pain. And wind.

  • I never thought about it being cumulative so i'll continue with the diary and see if anything triggers.

    When i woke up yesterday i didn't have any symptoms at all and then about an hour before my appointment i was getting a little stressed about which bus to get and not getting there too early (they said be no earlier than 15 minutes before your appointment) and then getting anxious about the scan and what they could potentially find and then the symptoms came on. not as bad as usual but stress and anxiety is definitely one of my triggers.

    I have been thinking about trying yoga but every dvd i've had the women doing it has irritated me in some way so i turn it off haha

    There is a comedy tv show in the UK called "Not Going Out" and in the first series if i remember rightly there was a yoga scene. the storyline for the episode was that the lead character was very stressed and getting irritated easily so his flat mate made him try yoga.

    I thought i would try it and it surprisingly worked and made me calm. it was too focus on a candle that was in a White room so if i can find a yoga instructor that doesn't stress or irritate me i will definitely try it again.

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