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Ibs attack now


It's almost 3am and I'm back and forth to the toilet!

I have my double camera test on Friday so tomorrow start the meds that flush you out.

Leading up to this test the specialist told me to eat gluten containing foods for 4 weeks before to see if it does actually affect my stomach and told me to stop all stomach meds except gavisgon.

In 4 weeks I've been eating some bread which I'm not totally sure has a massive impact. I've had 2 slices of birthday cake at work during this time - one that set me off within half hour with cramps and one ( homemade) which didn't. However for the past two days I've upped my bread intake and treated myself to some mini donuts yesterday! Hence I'm sure is why I'm up at this awful time running back and forth to the toilet!

Stopping the stomach meds I thought would be this massive reaction and expected each day to be a nightmare! Not so.

Yes as the 2 weeks have passed my acid reflux has become a nightmare! It's got to the stage gavisgon does not help even in slightest! Eating or not eating it's got so bad tonight I can't lay down for fear of throwing up and the pain is really bad! Maybe the mini donuts were a step to far in making this worse - I'd hazard a guess it's why I stopped eating them years ago.

I think through this process I've learnt a thing or two- I defo need some kind of anti acid tablets - maybe not go straight back into lanzaprosole which I've taken for years, and that maybe the odd sandwich here and there or slice of toast isn't going to cause a real upset, but eating a lot of bread ( and shame - back to no more donuts) it will have an impact.

As for dropping all the tablets I've got stashed in every handbag, my desk at work, stashed in my travel wash bag etc that I thought I depended on to make sure I could " safely" get through the day I'd maybe given to much importance in my life.

So from thinking the specialist was mental to ask me to do these "crazy things" eat gluten - shock horror stop taking my stomach meds - I've managed to find a few answers along the way which is a good thing!


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Morning Jane2510.

Hope all goes well with your camera tests. You haven't said if you've had one before, incase you haven't here's a little advice. I had Moviprep which tastes dreadful, when I went in for the procedure the nurses told me I could have mixed it with squash, which would've helped a little! Although not blackcurrant or anything red. I also drank it through a large straw so it touched as little of my mouth as possible! And finally, make sure you have some soft loo paper and sensitive baby wipes and lots of Vaseline! I've just remembered too, you can suck on hard boiled sweets but again no red ones.

Wishing you lots of luck πŸ€ hope you get the answers you're looking for

Sue 🌸

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Thank you so much for your reply MamaSue x

I had this done around 7 years ago - all I remember most of all about the prep is how red hot my bottom got from constantly going to loo!! So yes baby wipes at the ready!!

On the pack of prep it says orange - I assume it's orange flavour?

Squash is one of the things I avoid for causing heartburn but I might nip out to buy some clear sweets when it stops raining!!

I also remember how fearful I was thinking I'd gag when the camera went down my throat but it was fine! The other end was painful but I told the doc and he gave me more sedative as he said my bowel looped a bit wrong from having had my hysterectomy. After that all was fine! I felt like I'd had a couple G&T and giggled a bit on way home!

They found part of my stomach and duodenum inflamed and some diviticulitus ( sorry not sure of spelling) and internal piles.

I'm kind of thinking this is being done again because my symptoms have got worse since new year and I'm now the wrong side of 50 so more an all clear kind of investigation than anything else.

The doc also said it could just be having had ibs d since I was a child I'm probably just so sensitive to so many foods, in fact sensitive to the whole eating process that I might never find all my triggers but he was pleasantly surprised I was following as best I could the fodmap way of eating ( quite a few items on that I know I can't eat) and I was pleased he knew about it too! Made me feel more confident in him maybe knowing a fair bit more about ibs than most doctors. My gp bless her had looked a bit blank when I mentioned it.

I think is why he said the 30mg amytriptalin would help with the messages between stomach which sends a message to the brain which tells the bowel prepare food is on the way and finding that within 45 mins I'd need the toilet, but having tried that high a dose I have come back down to 10mg after 2 weeks as the side effects to me impacted too much in my life and work, and the benefits of 10mg have made my quality of life better anyway - on 30mg it didn't seem any different in that area!


Oh dear, sounds like you've been through the mill a bit then! My problems started, I think, when I had my gallbladder removed. But after lots of tests they've discovered I have a rectocele, diverticulitis and my sphincter is very loose, so no muscle tone! That's why I HAVE to know where the loos are wherever I go! I have to be sooooo careful 😳 Hope all goes well with you tomorrow. Good luck with the prep later, I'll be thinking about you! Let me know how you get on πŸŒΊπŸŒΈπŸ’

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Wish I'd got a straw!! However it's not too nasty tasting!! πŸ™‚

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Good luck for tomorrow i feel your pain i am trying gluten free food and it seems to be ok but did have a funny momont last night which was weird

I wish there was more investigation in to the symptomsi feel drs dont care really.

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I was gluten free for about 5 years and I find even some gluten free things made me poorly! I can't eat gluten free oats or things with gluten free oats in - don't know why! Maybe look at labels of what you ate or try a different brand of gluten free foods!

Good luck πŸ™‚


Hi there Jane, sorry you have been poorly but all the very best for the camera test. One thing struck a chord with me and that was you mentioned you were okay with homemade cake but not with shop prepared cake; I would say it just goes to show that they put so much synthetic stuff in the shop prepared stuff that it's certainly not good for us. Best to always make your own food I would say.

As for doughnuts, I certainly cannot eat them, I feel sick for a long time after eating them and haven't had one in years.

Once again, best of luck for tomorrow.


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Hi crazyfitness,

For sure you can't tell all that's in shop made things and home made is best!! X


Most definitely and I wouldn't be surprised if that's what made you poorly rather than the homemade cake.

Very best of luck tomorrow and please let us know how you get on.

Alicia x

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I don't know if I have the same thing as you do, but I had diarrhea all the time, 2-3 times a day. I bought some Culturelle probiotics at Walmart (about $20) and it stopped cold turkey. NO more diarrhea, no more pains. I took 1 in the A.M. and 1 in the P.M. \\ I believe it might have 'healed' my digestive track, it sure did something. Now I only need to take 1 a day. I didn't put a name on my digestive problems, but I read about anti-biotics and on Amazon the reviews were really high for Culturelle. I did buy it there, but learned later on that I can purchase it also at Walmart. Maybe its worth a try??



Thank you for your reply. I'm glad you've found something which has helped you - that's really great!! πŸ™‚

I tried some probiotics in my 20's after having had a bad infection and taking antibiotics for a month- might have been wrong type for me but took on advice of health shop owner and ended up doubled up in absolute pain and worse state than before I took them.

I tried aloe Vera liquid which was the then "wonder cure " which again made me worse.

Tried acupuncture which while I felt great for an hour or so took some Chinese medicine recommended to me which yet again made me feel worse!

I just don't seem to do very well on natural medicines which is a shame!

I even took part in a medical trial for ibs d my gp was part of again in my 20's and had to be removed from the trial after reacting very badly to the trial drugs I was taking!!


Yes, I didn't know much about IBS , but all I did know is that I had close to diarrhea every single day for the last 7-10 years. I was So used to having loose bowels, that it began to be the 'norm' for me and I ignored. Yet I always felt weak because of this. After I joined this site, and everyone began talking about I.B.S. I thought, maybe thats what I have and I went online with Amazon and found the one I felt had the most good reviews. That was Culturelle, and I ordered from Amazon. Little did I know that I could get it also from Walmart, so next time I will. I had stomach flu in May also, and besides the diarrhea, I had nausea for over 2 months. I was so weak and so depressed I didn't want to leave the house. I have to tell you my plan - I used to take Green Max Powder from Swanson Vitamins. I believe this company is the only one that carries this type, but I maybe wrong. Well, I began taking this too. After 2-3 months of weakness, nausea, I didn't go anywhere, wanted to be a hermit, almost immediately, I began having more energy, thinking better, the whole 9 yards. It only cost me $13.99 from Amazon plus shipping. I used to take it but forgot how good I felt after taking it. I'm sorry you feel bad when you take natural supplements. That tells me perhaps your tummy is compromised as mine as from that stomach flu. Everything I ate, I felt like throwing up. Now all that is gone. I had never felt that bad for years and years, I felt like giving up but knew I couldn't or shouldn't. I am on the mend, thanks to probiotics and green max powder. And I am 83 years of age. I work part time still as a crossing guard. So I needed to feel better fast. I hope this helps. We are all different, what works for some of us, might not work for all of us. Good luck, God's blessings.


God bless you too TRISHLIN,

I'm so pleased you found what you needed to come out of that awful time you had!

And I salute you at your age to still be working!! πŸ™‚

I hope you continue to feel well! Xx


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