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I'm not sure if this is even ibs related (even though I do suffer with it) but for the last 3/4 days I have felt so sick, to the point I've been running to the loo thinking I'm going to be, but when I get there, nothing! So I haven't actually been sick, but the feeling is so horrible. Kind of feel it can't be a stomach bug as I would have thought I would be sick as my body would be trying to get rid. Have people had this? Any anti sick feeling remedies?

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  • I get this sometimes, especially when I'm very hungry. But I'm guessing you don't think that is the case for you? All the same, if it's an issue, I would recommend speaking to your GP. They will be able to be prescribe some meds that will address the nausea and hopefully stop you wanting to rush to the loo.

  • I'm of to the docs todsy, so will see what they say

  • I had the same thing over Christmas. Mine was a stomach bug. I was never sick but had head over the sink a few times. I took Pepto Bismol for a few days. Seemed to sort the nausea out. The bug took a lot longer unfortunately. Docs suggested Actimel, Ginger biscuits etc to help

  • Booked in at the docs today, so will see what they say

  • What normally works for me is peppermint tea and I get some crystallised ginger ( From any supermarket in the cooking section) and have a small cube. Also Arrowroot biscuits seem to work.

    Little and often meals seems to work as well - I hope this helps;.

  • Thankyou..I have been to the doctors today and she says it's a virus and the start of a stomach bug.Nothing they can do. But she did prescrib some anti sickness tablets, so fingers crossed.

  • Hi there - hope you are starting to feel better, I always keep travel sick tablets in the house and they do work for me i.e. Stugeron.

  • I have ibs rated nausea, it's always there, but i find pepto bismol is the only thing that helps. Hope it is a bug& u improve soon x x x

  • Thankyou....turns out it was a bug, although I was still never sick, but did get an upset stomach in the end. After nearly 2 weeks of feeling like it I'm starting to feel a lot better now!

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