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Unknown stomach issue

I had IBS when I was a kid and nothing for years.

The last couple months I have had random bouts of having a weak stomach (bowel habit changes, bloating, dullness, lethargy)

The hospital did a colonoscopy and came back clear and have had no issue for the past 3 months

On Tuesday night I went to a festival and drank quite a lot of beer and the next day there was blood in my stool and when I go to the toilet it drops a little. Today was less than yesterday though. I have a feeling of being a bit bloated and gassy. The blood is bright red and fresh. There is no rectal pain at all.

Does anyone have any idea what this might be since my colonoscopy came back clear.

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A tear in your anus. Or if you have hemorrhoids it's Normal. If the blood is light and fresh you have nothing to worry about.

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After a few days it disappeared. I think it might have been an internal haemorrhoid.

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