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IBS and TRE as relief

Hi, I started looking at these posts over a year ago when my IBS was flaring up on a weekly basis. Some weeks I had some type of symptom all of the time, it was relentless. From disgusting wind to trapped wind that felt like a block stuck in my lower abdomen for 48 hours or more before it released, diarrhoea up to 6 times a day and then constipated for days after with the discomfort that came with it.

Recently I found a therapy advertised as TRE, Total Release Experience. I went along a month ago for a day workshop. It wasn't expensive. I've been repeating the exercise since at home a couple of times a week and the results are incredible. Apart from feeling happier and more confident in myself the symptoms are gradually falling away.

I went to a wedding yesterday and ate everything that was given to me and drunk way too much. They were old friends and I wanted to celebrate with them! Other than a headache and a little excess wind this morning there are NO other symptoms! 2 months ago I would have had to stay in for the rest of the weekend after a night like that.

Please google TREUK and find out when they are going to be near you. It has changed the way I live day to day.

Be well 💜

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Thank you and I have looked it up on the internet. There isn't one near me but I will look into it further.

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