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Has anyone been diagnosed with IBS by a gastroenterologist at consultation?


Without any further tests?

This week I had my initial consultation with a lovely gastroenterologist. I had written all my symptoms down for him. He asked me lots of questions including the standard red flag symptoms, passing blood? weight loss etc? My gp had felt my tummy and done a ceoliac blood test (negative).

The gastroenterologist concluded that my symptoms were indeed IBS which, in his opinion are caused by my anxiety/ocd and food intolerances. He has recommended experimenting with my diet for the intolerances and antidepressants for my anxiety/ocd.

Thing is (and this is my anxiety talking!!) I worry that as no tests are going to be performed that how can he be certain it's 'just' IBS.

Has anyone else been diagnosed without any major tests?

Sorry to ask but my IBS controls my life and I worry constantly it's something else 🙄😬

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My GP and a private consultant have both tried to give me an IBS diagnosis based on blood tests and stool samples. They argued this was because I don’t have any red flag symptoms and my age (42) I’ve been told I’m too young for cancers but I don’t feel it that’s for sure!!

I wasn’t happy and paid for a private CT scan which showed inflammation and swollen lymph nodes in the mesentery. It’s now been agreed there’s probably something else going on so I’m waiting for my nhs gastro appointment now as can’t afford any more private. I’m going to push for a gastroscopy and colonoscopy.

Like you I also suffer with anxiety and I take sertraline. It’s made no difference to my IBS type symptoms but I guess it might for some people. If you still aren’t happy I would insist on more tests, I think an IBS diagnosis isn’t supposed to be given unless all the alternatives are ruled out.

Best of luck x

Thanks for that. I've got a follow up appointment in 2 months time I'll try the things he suggested but if no improvement I'll definitely ask for more tests 🙂

Hi there, Yes I was diagnosed by a great gastroenterologist many years ago with IBS and gluten intolerance. I like you suffer with dreadful stress and anxiety and worry all the time that something has been missed. My tests were colonoscopy and endoscopy and I had to be sedated for them due to my anxiety. They were both negative but I do have a sensetive bowel they said.I still have good and bad days but the good outweigh the bad. I would have faith in the specialist, I'm sure if he felt you needed any other tests he would sort it for you. I wish you well and am here for a chat anytime. 😊😊

Yeah I had number of tests even she didn't know what was going on and yeah since she gave me a diet sheet and it's alot better now not many flare ups thanksfully.

rustydog in reply to Rach3187

Can I ask what you’ve done to help improve your symptoms, I’m willing to try anything atm!?

Ruthy1960 in reply to rustydog

Hi, I follow the fodmap diet and eat no gluten. I have also lost weight and try to take a short brisk walk regularly. This has helped me both physically but more importantly psychologically. I can't recommend this enough, good luck. 😊😊


I've had lots of tests and been told I have IBS-D - (although I had blood and stool tests 2 yrs ago with GP and was told I didn't have IBS so that was a revelation. I do think that gastro dept does group us under the huge umbrella that is IBS . try looking at the FODMAP diet and cut out some of the high FODMAP foods that will surprise you as they are the healthy fruit and veg groups that I have been living on. It could help your symptoms and make you feel a bit happier that maybe small changes can make a big difference to your daily struggle.

Hope you get the answers you are looking for and have the support from your family xx

rustydog in reply to jillyb47

I’ve tried the low fodmap in the past but end up falling of the wagon as I get better and eat things like bread again! I need to have much more will power.

jillyb47 in reply to rustydog

I know its not easy but its helped my embarrassing gurglings at work (work in a small office for family run company- not my family) not great sitting with bosses daughter and your pipes are rattling and rumbling) didn't help my anxiety any.😢

Hey! I had a flexible sigmoidoscopy that checked my lower bowel, I would not accept IBS unless they've had a look! Xx

rustydog in reply to Flik22

That’s how I feel, I’m seeing him again in 2 months, if no better I’m going to ask for more tests, need to be more assertive!

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