Something more??

Since being told I had IBS I have tried most medications and cut out a lot from my diet. But still get daily issues. Today I have had a banana and some gluten&dairy free crackers with some free from butter. I have this regularly and have no issues. But today when out for a walk with my baby I had stabbing pain in my stomach which feels like it's coming from my uterus and then diarrhoea. The pain is usually around my ribs or low down in my stomach as if it's in my uterus but recently along with all this I have been getting a lot of discharge or blood stained discharge. I have bad pelvic pain and dull aches throughout the day and most days have loose bowel movements. My doctor has done tests and I've had a colonoscopy which showed nothing. I am due to go for a scan soon but right now Im exhausted and feel rough everyday - even a simple walk around the park with my baby is now becoming difficult. Any ideas?

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  • I'm afraid I have no suggestions other than to try the low fodmap diet. Remember that it's not what you've just eaten but what you ate about two days ago that is a possible culprit. Sending a hug any way. 😊

  • Thanks for your reply. I've tried the low fodmap diet and my symptoms didn't change ☹️ I've kept a food diary and can't find anything that would set me off. I've started an in depth food diary along with writing about my mood throughout the day and what pains etc etc so fingers crossed something helps 🙂

  • Good luck. I'm quite frankly fed up with second guessing what starts my symptoms. I'm on low fodmap but don't really know if it helps that much. All the best. X

  • you mentioned bloody discharge ..have you tried visiting an OB/Gynecologist to check your uterus and ovaries ?? sometimes diarrhea and cramps are triggered by an issue in your reproductive organs ..hope you get your answers soon ..good luck 🌹

  • Thank you 🙂 I will pester my doctor as I do think it could be something else as I had a baby 8months ago. The male doctor suggested it started with stress but truthfully I'm not stressed. I will defiantly keep on at the doctors x

  • Hello Lynloo :) if you feel you have pain in your uterus you should ask to be referred to/see a gynaecologist. Many women (including myself) get incorrectly diagnosed with IBS when their problem is gynaecological. It's definitely worth getting this checked out! Trust your knowledge of your body. Good luck :)

  • Thank you. I did think it could be gynaecological as I had a baby 8months ago and although my doctors are quite good they dismissed this and continued with ibs.

    Did you have all the symptoms associated with IBS? X

  • I have had really bad periods since they started which have varied in length a lot. In addition over the years I've had diarrhoea, bloating, reflux, constipation, indigestion, cramping, fatigue and strong reactions to certain foods. I also have a lot of pain going to the toilet.

    The period symptoms were always ignored and I was diagnosed with IBS for 15+ years. I just got diagnosed with extensive endometriosis which is adhered to my bowel and bladder. I didn't know anything about endometriosis until my friend was diagnosed and told me about it. It's worth you looking up symptoms to see if they match.

    Be aware though that gynaecologists may also mis-diagnose you or suggest it's IBS so trust your body and don't be afraid to ask for tests or investigation. And it may be that you do have IBS but that it's a symptom of something else. In my case endo makes my bowel irritable so that's the root cause.

    Hope this helps and you get some answers x

  • Thank you so much. I am grateful you replied as I do think there is more to it for myself. I have those exact symptoms along with the pain in my uterus. I am due to go for a scan in may but will ask my doctor to do more tests. Thanks again x

  • No trouble at all :) scans won't show up endometriosis but will show up other gynaecological issues. Hope it goes well x

  • HeatherJM may i ask how did they diagnose endometriosis ?? i have heavy periods too that can last for a month ..but they say due to my cyst in my ovary ..would like to investigate more i'm still not convinced 🤔

  • Hello Eternity78 :) Sorry to hear you're having such long periods - it's so draining and painful.

    The only way to diagnose Endo is with a surgery called a laparoscopy. I have a cyst on my right ovary but it's a particular kind of endometriosis cyst. Do you know what kind of cyst you have? My cyst causes lots of pain on ovulation and my period and varying amounts of pain throughout the month that radiates down my right leg and up into my ribcage and shoulder. From what I've read endo symptoms really vary though so this is not a symptom everyone will have.

    It took me 4 visits to a gyno after years of seeing GPs about my symptoms before they agreed to a laparoscopy. You have to be an advocate for your own health. I'm not trying to persuade you to have surgery but there's nothing wrong with asking for investigation and tests if you think there is something wrong.

    I read a very good book "Endometriosis and other pelvic pain" by Dr Susan Evans which has helped me lots before and after diagnosis. It doesn't just cover endo but all kinds of pelvic pain so you might find it useful :)


  • HeatherJM Thank you so much for your respond 🌷 This shows how mysterious our bodies can be and how the medical community is still far away from proper diagnosis ! Glad to hear that you found the root cause of your symptoms and this encourages me to fight until hopefully I find my root cause too 👍

    Thanks again 🌹

  • Just a thought for you. Heavy long periods can result from hormone imbalance. a liver detox sorted mine out:

    Worth checking out:)

  • Thank you - I will have a look. I'm just getting fed up of being ill all the time. I'm happy to try most things! X

  • AlisonfromSickofIBS Thank you 🌸 ..l'll definitely check your site ..IBS-D combined with continuous bleeding = a rotten quality of life 😥😢😭

  • I agree with Eternity 78 in that you should get your ovaries checked as it sounds to me that is your problem. I wouldn't be fobbed off, I would insist on a scan on your reproductive organs and agree to any other tests they offer.

    Best of luck x

  • Thanks 🙂 I'm having a scan in may as I asked for one in the week as a friend of mine had similar symptoms but turned out to be gallstones. Just want to find out what's actually wrong!! X

  • Glad you are having a scan as it's the only way to find out what's wrong. I had a friend who also had gallstones a few years ago and was really poorly. She had her gallbladder removed and has not looked back since.

    Let me know how the scan goes.


  • Thanks :) I spoke to my doctor this morning and she agreed to send me for more tests... just hope they find the issue x

  • That's really good that she is listening, you need to get to the bottom of this and find out what is wrong. Take care x

  • It sounds to me like endometriosis. Push to get a diagnostic laparoscopy as this is the only way to diagnose endometriosis properly x

  • Thanks, I think I will :) x

  • Hopefully your scan might shed some light - how long since you had your baby? X

  • Just read your other posts - my body has never been right since having a baby but I had a scan and all ok. Did you have a straightforward birth no complications? I had emergency c-section so always wonder if problems started from that but then I had a stressful couple of years following on so who knows! Good luck x

  • Hey, I had my baby 8months ago. It was quite a long labour... I went into labour on the Thursday night and gave birth Sunday midday. But for 24 hours prior to giving birth I was on an epidural. I did in the end have a natural birth but with the help of forceps and a suction cup. it was stressful but I didn't feel anything with the epidural.

    Have you symptoms calmed down?

    I feel horrible and as if I'm failing that I'm unable to do more with my son and that a simple walk to the park ends with me rushing home and I hope to have things abit more under control as he gets older. X

  • Could be your hormones too? They take a while to settle down. My daughter is nearly 4. I have to be careful what I eat around my periods as my tummy seems more sensitive. I get back pain and think this is linked to my IBS but also my hip joint (sacroiliac dysfunction). Maybe you have developed some food sensitivities that you are not aware of yet? I manage my IBS through regular medication and a simple diet avoiding trigger food and drinks but having to manage stress and anxiety as these are also triggers. Everyone is different. Good luck x

  • I asked my doctor about this before and they didn't say anything - I didn't stop the lochia bleed until 3months after giving birth and my periods are all over the place. I can't find any food triggers because it changes every week. I thought it was getting better but suddenly got really bad about 2months ago along with worsened periods and pelvic pain. Hopefully the scan will show something. But I am looking into getting the help of a nutritionalist x

  • Keep an eye on what drinks might be triggers for you they are some of my worst! What we go through for kids hey x

  • I mostly drink water and can't see that being my issue! I hope I get it all under control by the time I have another! X

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