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IBS, tiredness, dizziness

Hello, new member here. I've had IBS for over a year which had died down but has recently flared up. For the past 5 days my stomach has been quite painful at times but also feeling very tired, lightheaded and fatigued to the point where I'm spending quite a lot of time in bed. Has anyone else had these symptoms? I saw the Doctor on Thursday and had my blood pressure, heart rate and temperature checked and all were fine. I have no constipation and have been going to the toilet 3-4 times most mornings. Also had blood test for suspected diabetes 3 months ago but that came back clear. Feeling pretty frustrated that I don't feel well enough to go out, when i did yesterday I felt very dizzy. Any responses appreciated! Thanks.

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Hi there, I also feel tired with IBS which is very frustrating as I cycle and powerwalk and find it difficult at times - I have to push myself to do it. I've had low iron in the past and I think that's what I have now, worth checking your blood.

Hope you feel better soon.

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Did they check your iron levels?


I don't know if they were checked in the blood test a few months ago. Will probably go back to Doctor next week and ask for more tests.


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