IBS = Tiredness

Im having a 3 week flare up and jesus im tired, if i stop just for a second i want to fall asleep.

I wake up in the morning with a headache, i then feel like i want to vomit as i drink my morning decaff coffee. I then feel sorry for myself as my stomach feels tight and sore, plus i look like a beached whale due to bloating.

I wee LOADS too during flare ups and if i have anythinf fizzy, its pretty much str8 back out.

Anybody else like this? Makes me very moody and OCD

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  • Hi There try some cider vinegar for the bloating. It has to be raw, organic, unfiltered. I use Braggs. I get mine from Amazon. Take a couple of teaspoons in warm water (I add a little honey) before you eat and sip slowly. This should help with the bloating. Ditch the fizzy drinks and stick to plain water.

  • is it made with apples - high fodmap just asking as I need something but cannot have apple

  • Ah yes sorry, It is made from apples so you can't have it. Have you tried camomile tea? That is very calming for the gut. I also take peppermint oil capsules and they help with the bloating also. Let us know how you go on.

  • Have you had a doctor's diagnosis of IBS, i.e. have you had tests to rule out other possible causes of your symptoms?

  • Both coffee and fizz are nonos for many ibs sufferers. Try going without for a few days and see if you feel any different.

  • I rarely have fizzy drinks to be honest.

    I had a stool sample and blood tests done and my doctor informed me i had IBS and gave me mebeverine. I was advised to have decaff.

    Does any of you guys get any of my other symptoms. I also have generalised anxiety disorder

  • Keep off the coffee I found that coffee whether decaffeinated or not makes the condition far worse

  • Sometimes with IBS we have a risidual of fermented food in our gut, I. Went on garlic and parsley tablets and a good probiotic. With this fermentation you can have hypoglycaemia which causes the weakness and nausea and you wake with a headache due to not getting enough glucose to the brain over nite. A blood sugar test would tell you that. If you have hypoglycaemia it is reccommended no fruit, fruit juice coffe tea or sugar foods for a few months and have a small amount of protein every 3 hours ie 10 almonds or cottage cheese or a small amount of meat. This is especially important before going to sleep to stabilise blood sugars over nite. Wishing you well.

  • My partner has diabetes and often he tests my blood sugars which are fine. Today i feel so weak

  • i do and have felt like that. I have been having a flare up since Saturday, I have missed few days of work, and my attendance record is poor, I am on meds, and have been on the xifaxon before which helped for about a good month now iam back to same issues.

  • Try some fennel seed powder, 3 times a day. 1 tbsp after every meal. It helps me to release the gas and bloating.

  • Definitely skip the coffee!!!!!!!! Whether decaff or not it will be doing you no favours. Warm water and lots of it instead.

    Space meals 3 hours apart so your guts cleaning mechanism has chance to kick in. No snacking in between and only water to drink.

    Yes, my main symptom of IBS is tiredness..... and it definitely affects my mind and mood, not visa versa. When my guts work well I am happy and full of energy.

    See a dietician to check you are doing the low FODMAP diet PROPERLY !!!!!!!!!! Very easy to get it wrong .

    One tablespoon of ground flaxseed per day. Build up slowly taking one teaspoon per day for a few days, then 2 , then a tablespoon.


  • No chance id manage meals 3 hours apart with my job. I do eat at the same times though every day as doctor suggested.

    I drink juice as i hate the taste of water and many argue there is no taste but since i was attuned to Reiki its tasted like chemicals and made me dislike it all the more.

  • eeeeeeeek............. check your juice is not high FODMAP.

    Drink spring water , or a slice of orange or lemon with a dash of juice in it to flavour it.

    For example more than 125 ml orange juice is high fodmap. If you have fructose malabsorbtion even that could be too much. There should be a gap of at least 3 hours before you have your next drink of juice to prevent fodmap overload

    Meals should be at least 3 hours apart, doesn't matter if it is longer.


  • If am honest, i love my vimto juice strong but recently ive only be putting a small amount in. I drink more peppermint tea too but still like the odd coffee. Its my morning thing to get me going.

    Thats good then as my meals are deffo 3hrs apart then and i have three main big meals a day

  • read all the entries on these two blogs thoroughly to get the science behind alleviating your IBS

    Putting the words below into your search engine will find them:

    I am hugely better following the scientifically proved advice , hope you will be too. I would drop the Vimto !!!!!!!!


    moanash university low fodmap blog

    good luck


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