IBS, Gastristis, OC, or Gallstones?

Hi all,

I am feeling really frustrated right now and am wondering if anyone might have advice. I have been to my GP enough times to where it feels like i'm annoying them. Around a year ago I started noticing that my stomach would bloat up at certain times. I have tried different diets but they haven't worked so far. Six month ago I went to doc because along with being bloated I was struggling with diarrhea and constipation. They ran blood test to see if I was coeliac and several other blood tests and they came back normal. My pituitary gland was slightly abnormal but other than that blood test were Ok. I then returned to Doc as my stomach is still bloated and feeling nauseous at times. I took a breath test for H. Pylori as my Doctor thought I had gastritis but it came back negative. There is a burning in my upper central abdomen as well

My other symptoms are that when I eat my upper abdomen makes loud gurgling sounds, and after eating a few bites of food I feel really full. I am not losing weight. I am now bloated most the time, sometimes upon awakening, sometime not. I look around 6 months pregnant and can only wear very loose tops. The constant symptoms are feeling of fullness and bloatedness. The occasional as previously stated are: nausea, fatigue, constipation (comes and goes), gurgling sounds, feeling of fist in upper center abdomen pushing out

I am 31 years old and my mom had gallstones when she was sixteen. As well as several other relatives have had gallstones. I am having an ultrasound on Feb 13th for gallstones but should I also be checked for ovarian cancer?

All of this is obviously driving me crazy, so any help would be wonderful

Also I am going to start the FODMAP diet soon to see how this helps. I am off dairy now because it cause gas to smell like sulfur and really upsets stomach.

If all of these symptoms sound very similar to someone else and you have suggestions, please let me know, and thanks everybody.

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  • Hi, I am seeing a consultant as scan showed two small gallstones, when I said good they are not large ones but he said small ones could be a problem as well, I also get loads of gas swollen tummy , reflux problems and had op for prolapsed bowel which may need sorting.. I should get your scan done then when you talk over the results with your dr you can ask about other things you ate naturally worried about. I also get tenderness in the centre under my breast and sharp pain when I twist or stretch.. There are so many things going on inside us that we don't understand and that's why we worry. Th gas is just so embarrassing , it's more than normal wind that's for sure.

    Good luck hope you get sorted soon


  • Thank you so much for you response! Just to hear someone say they're going through something similar makes me feel less crazy. I get the gas too! Luckily my husband is used to it and we just laugh about it, but when I go to work I have to sneak away to find places to pass gas. And it's been sooo loud! I think I really started freaking out when I read about ovarian cancer symptoms and they sound similar.

    Thanks again for the quick response Hather, means a lot to a lady who feels like she's going mad.

  • Hi there it is so hard to determine what's going on, I had major issues with gut and bowel, looked nine months pregnant with twins, not a good look. I saw so many doctors specialists and had yet after test. I had my gallbladder out at 22 so not that with me. Finally I did my own research and an overseas doctor suggested garlic and parsley tablets and a good probiotic and no meat for a few weeks, I had excellent results. As soon as it starts again I have a few days of tablets again. His reasoning was that we can get fermentation in our gut. Wishing you well

  • Hey Denvajade,

    Will definitely look into your suggestion once I find out a little more about what exactly it is that's going on inside this tummy of mine. Thanks for the advice.


  • Hi again, I hope they come up with something definite for you, often they just call it IBS, if that's the case give it a go as it has helped me greatly.

  • Hello MargoBloaty

    I am having the same problems as you, several trips back & forth to see GP, he then decided to ask me to do a stool sample, which I managed to do (constipation) several days later, once the result came back (waited almost 3 weeks) GP sent me a text to come in to see him, he has now referred me to see a Gastroenterologist at my local hospital as my test result is showing that it is highly possible that I have either Crohn’s Disease or pancreatitis, that was three weeks ago I am still waiting for an appointment I think I am going to phone my GP to try & speed things up. I have had the symptoms that you have for months now.

    I don't want to worry or scare you but maybe a stool test may find the cause, I hope my message helps you in some way & I wish you better.

    Regards Jay

  • Jay,

    It's great to know I'm not alone. Sounds like you're going through the waiting process as well, which is really the worse part, I find that's when all my worrying starts to get out of control.

    Once I have this scan done, which is supposed to happen on Feb 13th, I will definitely get the stool sample, it seems like a smart next step. I can see it being something pancreatic, especially if I end up having gallstones.

    As for the waiting, I'm seriously considering switching doctors once results come back. Feels like I'm not fully being listened to and it's not nice. I was referred to a gastroenterologist around 3 months ago, and still haven't heard from them and the ultrasound I am doing privately just to speed things up.

    Hope you get something figured out soon Jay and that it goes well. I've heard other people on this forum say that at the end of the day, we have to take keep looking for a doc that will truly listen and keep vigilant, because it's our body and we know how it's making us feel, and I am definitely beginning to agree. Would love to hear how everything goes.

    All the best


  • It's so true that we have to keep on keeping on as far as doctors and tests and like you I had to go private or wait for ever. My issue stems from my liver not providing the necessary bile etc to digest food, but at least the garlic and parsley undo the fermentation.

  • Hi, although I don't get the bloatedness as much as you and others on this forum I do get the pain in many places - it can be on my side, back, check, upper and lower stomach, you name a place and I get the pain. I was actually diagnosed with IBS back in 1996, it started from a bout of food poisoning. I am a lot better than I was - I started taking Multi-Bionta multivitamins a few years ago after reading in a magazine that they helped someone else with IBS - I have been much better since. Also, I have cut down broccoli to a minimum amount and don't eat cauliflower anymore - I find this really hard as I love both vegetables, particularly broccoli but they do cause a lot of wind and pain.

    I had a colonoscopy and endoscopy and it was following those tests that they diagnosed me with IBS.

    Also, I live in the UK and Multi-bionta is readily available in health food shops and chemists there - please see the link below.


    Best of luck and hope that you finally get a result so that you know how treat whatever condition you have.

  • Like you crazy fitness, I have had to give up broccoli and cauliflour for offensive gas problems..but I now blend them with other veg every day and make a thick veg soup which great as I just love nearly all veg..It just a stick hand blender that I can blend carefully in the saucepan and it does help quite a lot


  • Ooh, that sounds good and would be something different for my lunch for work. What veg do you blitz?

  • Well today, celery, carrots, parsnips mushrooms and tomatoes and a little potato, red lentils, two dried bay leaves (remove don't eat or blend them). Flavour with stockpot celery salt and pepper , may need to top up,with little liquid during cooking (forgot dash of white wine).. Then when ready let it cool a little before,blitzing with stock blender (easier to clean than putting it in a blender) then what I don't have for my lunch I,freeze some.

    yOu don't need so many veg Imuse,whatever I feel,like including frozen veg..bought some split,green peas have not tried that yet. I!alsp,had,some cold,chicken which I,put,in today as well. I don't cook fancy things, I lost my husband last year so have had to get used to cooking for one ..Hoever Lamb chops are still my favourite meal..later in the week

    Hather xx

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