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Results of stools and bloods

Hello All, I have been suffering for sometime now and finally went to the drs for further tests. They did blood tests and a calprotectin test on my stools. Bloods all came back normal, no celiac, iron levels fine, red count fine, white count fine, thyroid fine. Calprotectin test showed levels of 20. Above 50 I am told is sign of inflammation. Prescribed Colofac, which for the first three days I thought was a miracle, and then realised I was just having three good days with my guts! Colofac made no difference. My question is, would there be raised calprotectin levels with diverticulitis? They said raised levels would indicate colitis or crohns, but didn't mention diverticulitis. I am now keeping a really detailed food and symptom diary before returning to the doctors for further investigation.

I am absolutely at the end of my tether with this! There is always a constant issue with my guts, and it REALLY starting to get me down. Feeling at breaking point with it 😔 Any advice?

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I went to see a Reiki (energy) practitioner for a few sessions. Rebalancing energy in the body and releasing blockages can make quite a difference. It is not a total solution as while the roots of IBS are not addressed, the machine keeps going round.

But it gave me some respite when I was at breaking point.

Also, I had IBS for years and I have finally beaten it. You may find something useful on my blog: sickofibs.com



Thank you for the advice. I'll try anything!


Hi Just go back to GP and there are other meds you can take instead; colofac can be a bit week ask for something stronger.

If you are not constipated you can have peracetamol too

Hope you soon feel better


Yes, I am planning on going back to the drs. Thought if I went armed with my food and symptom diary, this might help. Xx


I have found down the years that GPs have to be pestered a lot or they wont bother !

its like water-off-a-ducks-back to me now-PESTER PESTER PESTER and PESTER some more

Vet best wishes X


Thank you :-) I seem lucky so far, my Doctor was straight on it when I went to see her and immediately booked me in for blood and stool tests, so I hope she will continue to be pro-active. X

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Hi so do I - sometimes they start off like that and then they get fed up with us-just cos bloods and syools etc are OK dosnt meen that there is nothing wrong !

There is an eppidemic right now and it is linked with vaccines !

I will send you link

love and Blessings x




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