Does anyone wake up and have a reaply bad stomach. I was on and off the loo for an hour this morning. Really bad stomach, almost explosive and watery. I did have a lot of potato salad last night. However, normally i will react within an hour or two of having food if its food related.

I have had a tough few days due to a deatg of friend so could it be stress related to this maybe or could it be food. Or i guess it could maybe be a bug? But i dont have a temp, nor a headache and dont look pale :/

I was doing so well too, had no flare ups for a good while and then this happened this morning :(

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  • When you explain watery n explosively what exactly does it feel like ?

  • Like it comes out forcefully without having to force it out and it is also very runny

  • Could it have been the mayonnaise in the potato salad? Did you make the potato salad yourself or did you buy it at a store or deli? It could be the culprit.

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