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Does anyone wake up and have a reaply bad stomach. I was on and off the loo for an hour this morning. Really bad stomach, almost explosive and watery. I did have a lot of potato salad last night. However, normally i will react within an hour or two of having food if its food related.

I have had a tough few days due to a deatg of friend so could it be stress related to this maybe or could it be food. Or i guess it could maybe be a bug? But i dont have a temp, nor a headache and dont look pale :/

I was doing so well too, had no flare ups for a good while and then this happened this morning :(

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When you explain watery n explosively what exactly does it feel like ?


Like it comes out forcefully without having to force it out and it is also very runny


Could it have been the mayonnaise in the potato salad? Did you make the potato salad yourself or did you buy it at a store or deli? It could be the culprit.


sorry to hear about your friend. Its probably the stress of what's happened and something in the potato salad that has set you off as these things build up as sometimes you can eat the same things and have no problems with them as one day I could eat fish and chips no problem and another time I had problems which I feel had been brought on due to stress.


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