Bad stomach and feeling like I'm going to be sick

Hi. So I woke up this morning I was feeling good I had my breakfast then an hour later my stomach just turns and I have really bad adnormal feeling in my stomach I just ignored it and carried on doing all my work then all of a sudden I feel like I'm going to be sick I go all through the motions of being sick but nothing comes up so I go and lie down watch a bit of Tv then it just goes back to normal feeling okay again. Now this only seems to happen if I'm walking or standing. When I was doing my work I was standing but I don't feel dizzie or anything. Could anyone tell me what this could be? Does anyone with IBS have this problem could it be my anxiety that's causing it? Any ideas? Thanks.

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  • It probably is your anxiety although maybe you even started doing too much physical work too soon after breakfast. I was almost sick the other morning but I'm pretty certain that was because I was dancing around the kitchen!

    What I am certain of is that whether it was caused by your anxiety or not, your anxiety is making you worry about it or overanalyse it. That will probably make it worse.

  • What I don't understand is that I feel that something is coming up which makes me go through the motions of throwing up but the feeling I get is the same if you put your finger down your thirst is that makes sense?

  • Yeah. I used to suffer from panic attacks as a kid and would frequently have that feeling.

  • Did you see the doctor about it? What did the doctor say? I don't go out because of it so I'm always at home all the time. I'm not even sociable because this happens.

  • I can't remember now. Was ill a lot as a child and I don't think a tropical stomach bug that had me vomiting on and off for a good few months helped either: the slightest twinge and I'd be scared I'd be sick again.

    You need to something so you're not at home alone all the time, though. The isolationism is not going to help your anxiety nor your wellbeing. What are you currently doing to work though your anxiety (I know you've said in the past but I can't remember).

  • Not good. I have social anxiety aswel as bad anxiety. I work on computers

  • Thanks for confirming re. anxiety. I have this problem too of feeling sick on and off all the time, and just reading your words, confirms to me my primary problem is anxiety and secondary IBS - all mixed up together. Very helpful!

  • How do you cope with it?

  • I have IBS and do not have anxiety or am not stressed and I suffer with nausea daily :( I have been through many tests and nothing has showed up, so doctors have said it is most probably IBS which is causing my nausea.

  • How do you cope with it?

  • well when it first came I was given buccastem tablets to try and help which didn't really work, and then I tried peppermint tablets which did help a little bit. I am currently going through quite a bad stage of it so I have a doctors appointment in a weeks time, if I find anything that helps I will let you know! you are not alone so don't worry :(

  • Hi, I can quite often feel sick with IBS and as I have a fear of being sick it's not good. I had hypnotherapy a long time ago for the fear of sickness 'Emetaphobia' and I have to say that I am a lot better than I was i.e. I couldn't be near anyone if they were feeling sick but now I can which is a huge improvement to what I was like.

    Anyway, when I feel sick I will take a travel sick tablet and the ones I take are Stugeron, they work really well.

    Re anxiety - I wouldn't rule out hypnotherapy - it would be worth giving it a go.

    Best of luck


  • every time I eat sausage roll biscuits it's gives me bubble in belly and winds it's only does it on foods like veg

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