cannot seem to tolerate food

been suffering with ibs for years this time last year i was in quite a good place, it seemed to have settled down and i had lost two and half stone with slimming world taking into account foods which disagreed with me and a gluten, dairy free diet,

now it seems to have come back and i cannot seem to tolerate food at all except for toast. i have had a whole range of blood tests and they have all come back ok. i take blood pressure pills and levothyrozine but this is not new and have not been changed. doctor told me to take meveberine but the stomach pains were terrible, i know amitriptoline doesnt work either as i took it some years ago can anyone help

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  • Im not a thyroid sufferer but have you looked at the possibility that your levo might need altering. Also hypothyroidism, which i assume you are taking it for can also give way to other autoimmune problems- lots can impact on your tummy. You could hop into the thyroid forum and see if anyone can give you some advice.

  • How awful. Can you determine which part of the digestive tract is giving you problems? For each there are solutions.

    For example: if you get nauseous after eating your stomach acid may not be acid enough for fat/proteins. Take lemon juice or HCL pills to acidify your stomach. (most people confuse heartburn with too much stomach acid but it's usually not acid enough.).

    Does protein make all your joints hurt? May be leaky gut. Resort to broth and gelatine.

    Liver problems? Bypass liver by eating full fats (again gelatine) because uptake goes via the lymph system, not the liver portal vein.

    Small intestines? sorry, I don't know.

    Large intestine? for gurgling, bloating pain avoid foods that the bacteria convert to gas (FODMAP). For constipation most people say to eat more fibre but consider a trial with less fibre because fibre puts a tax on the intestines.

    Do you get head aches after eating much cheese? You MAO enzyme may be busted, stay away from foods containing Tyramine (fermented foods).

    Lots of things for you to research, based on what foods give you which trouble where.

    Overall it's important that you get your nutrients and minerals. Egg yokes and bone broth and gelatine are the best foods for that.

    The other important thing is that rubbish your cells produce needs to be taken away. This is done via the lymph system which dumps its rubbish for the liver to take out with the bile. So movement is important (lymph system doesn't have a pump of its own like the heart is for the blood system. Lazy stretching is a good start, no need to do power yoga.) and good bile is important. Is your stool dark coloured? That's bile. If it is grey or whitish consider taking some ox bile. Just to have bile to take out the rubbish. The less rubbish, the less taxed your body is.

    I need to go lie down 45 minutes after a meal. Otherwise my duodenum will not take up the food. I lie down for about an hour, my stomach gurgling. Don't know why but since I do I do not have malnutrition any more. So do what works for you.

    btw, toast requires a lot of low acid stomach acid. I bet you'd profit from acidifying your stomach. Diluted lemon juice, diluted vinegar or HCL pills are good for that, take with the food. Bile only flows when the stomach acid is acid enough so there's another connection to celebrate. Also: stomach acid is determined by cortisol, the anti-stress hormone, made by the adrenals. Low stress gives better digestion (perhaps that's why the lying down works for me)

  • Ask your doctor if Aloe Vera can help. It usually does with digestive related problems. I can direct you to the best one in the market. Take care... x

  • I would be interested in knowing a good Aloe vera brand please. I am often asked for one.



  • I private msg you. X

  • Forever Aloe Vera Gel is the purest and best on the market.It can be bought from Amazon,but buying it from an agent is much cheaper.

  • Thanks for the info, Kipper!

    Could you tell me what it helps you with and how you use it?

    Thanks for your help:)


  • At one point i was visiting the toilet 10 times a day,never a night though.After taking the gel for only one week the toilet trips were reduced to 3/4 times a day without the urgency and passing normal motions.I gained my confidence again and travelled to Barbados,Portugal and Teneriffe,without one accident!!!! It is expensive £21-96 and if you take the dose they recommend(120 mls) it will last you just over a week.I found 80mls worked, then 60mls kept things working well.Hope this will help you too.

  • How do you take the gel Kipper? Do you drink it? I never used it to beat my IBS, but I come in contact with many other IBS sufferers who are looking for solutions. I like to know what other people are finding helps.

  • Drink it first thing in the morning so it gets straight into your system.Manuka honey 5+,10+etc is also great,google it please and i think you will be also interested in that too.The gel has 200 vitamins and minerals in it and soothes the gut and the honey has natural antibiotic properties which also help the gut.I do not know if you can take the both at the same time,but why would you if just one worked.Let me know how you get on please.

  • Thanks very much Kipper.

    As I said, I have beaten my own IBS, so I no longer need to take any products, but I find it interesting to find out what others are finding useful and how that works.

    I'm so glad you have found something that is working for you - and I will pass on your advice to others.

    Thanks for your time,


  • When you say you have beaten your own IBS can i ask how?

  • Yes, of course. I have no one miracle product or technique. Over time (I had it for over 25 years and it became chronic) I figured out how my IBS worked and devised a way to beat it. For me IBS is multifactorial. When you have worked out where your symptoms are coming from and why, you can work backwards and heal.

    I set up my blog to help other IBS sufferers move forward, as I never found a doctor or specialist that could help me.


  • Thank you,i know my triggers and avoid them.But one of the triggers is sudden stress ,which you never know when such an event might happen.The thought of what the unknown might bring in turn causes stress(catch 22 situation)Other wise as i said the Aloe Vera and Manuka do work with my food sensitivities.

  • This is a good one for sudden stress:

  • Have you been tested for bacterial overgrowth?


  • I had bad IBS til I went vegetarian have you tried that? just curious as my IBS is much better seincd I stopped eating meat or fish.

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