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Help with my food

Ok I'm currently in the middle of a ibs flare with the possibility that I have something else going on, went for some tests the other day to find out. I'm lactose intolerant and I get acid reflux, at the moment I'm stuck to a strict diet as I'm a little scared what will kick my symptoms off (I have ibsD), can anyone assist me with what's good to eat for breakfast I'm currently having porridge oats with lactose free milk but I'd like to attempt at something else that isn't your regular cereals on the shelf?

Also all my life has been mainly processed food so I'm trying to learn to cook fresh and not necessary healthy but get away from the processed stuff but I'm struggling to make the switch and nowadays I'm eating really bland food. White rice, plain chicken, salad, tuna are my main foods.

I'm currently waiting on a appointment for the dietitian but any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Lactose intolerance is something I picked up in last two years and I haven't been told whether I should expect it to go or not, at the moment I'm stuck with it.

In regards to my diet I wasn't expecting someone to know my intolerances, I was just looking for some guidance off some people, it's not that I've lived a life of junk food, it was just partly processed and now I'm looking to completely move on from this to a healthy life.

I guess I'll wait to see my dietitian.

Thanks for the reply.


Hi Rhys-Arfon,

Your best bet is to stick with the bland diet for now until your test results come back, then see the dietitian and take it from there.

Problem is, when you've got digestive issues, what's a healthy diet for some people could well be the unhealthiest one in the world for you!

Fresh food is definitely best for everybody though. Buy organic produce when you can as you'll know it hasn't been 'growth-promoted', sprayed with unpronounceable chemicals or 'modified' in any way.

Stay on the site and let us know how things go for you.



Hi Rosie

Thanks for that, I'll stick to my bland diet although I'm still getting chronic pain in my lower abdominal and the painkillers aren't cutting it, very annoying because I'm a postman and it's very difficult doing my job with a flare up.

Thanks Rhys

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I have found quinoa flakes with rice milk make a nice breakfast and don't upset me but they're quite expensive!


Add fruit compote and yog to your breakfast porridge ,or try rice porridge known as congee with bits of bacon in it,probiotic or live yog and pear or banana compote

Thank you for dealing with our post,stay well!


You may be intolerant to milk itself it's not only lactose inside it could be the whey and casein etc... Stick to nut milk.

Been suffering with ibs for over 15 years I'm in my late twenties so it's been a rough ride. stop eating gassy and oily foods cut out all gluten dairy and processed sugars. Drink soothing teas and broths daily and take probiotics, enzymes, kombucha, anti spasms medications and Imodium if needed, there is a liquid medicine called flying rabbit which I wrote about on this website and helps loads. Take control of what you eat and when you eat it and cook as much as you can and feel free to check out my website for free recipes and tips :-)


I'm a Nutritionist.


You could try cooking congee if you're looking for something savory. Boil 1 part leftover white rice with 12 parts water or stock to make a soup. Add what you can tolerate - fish, chicken, sesame oil, tops of spring onions, peanuts, an egg. Make it as thick or thin as you like.

I've also been making this bread mynewroots.org/site/2013/02...

Just leave out any nuts that may bug you, but if fiber bugs you it might not be the best recipe as psyillium husks make up Metamucil. It's really good sliced and toasted.


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