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Hi all

I'm still getting to grips with my IBS and wondering what everyone else does when they eat out. I am trying not to avoid it completely but struggle to find something from a menu but even when I am careful i.e. Gluten free dairy free there is still normally something that upsets my tum. I am starting to be more open about my IBS but I'm sure people think I have an eating disorder!! I'm now thinking to eat before I go out or take something with me or just decline and explain why. Ideas please thank you.


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  • I have to have a dairy free diet and when I go to restaurants I tell the waiting staff and they help with the menu

    Sometimes an item may look as though it might suit you but there could be a hidden allergen like butter in a sauce

  • Eating out has always caused me stress which made my ibs worse. Especially when restaurants sneak in food you wernt awear was in there which is a trigger.

    Its hard to not lets your eyes do the talking and discipline yourself because everything looks so good. But try to aim for the smaller "snack" foods. Or if you order a meal you dont have to eat it all :) either tell your friends your full or explain your not feeling up to it. A lot of people understand ibs these days!

    Always avoid the fatty meals! If they do peppermint tea i ways order some cus it can stop bloating. And try to relax and enjoy your time out.

  • Thanks for the comments. I generally find choosing gf and dairy free easy but now trying to follow fodmap much harder i.e. No onion, garlic etc prefer to know where I am going so I can scout the menu beforehand but not always easy to do.

  • I usually go for something fairly plain, which can often be fish or chicken. I try to avoid red meat and NEVER order a steak unless it is well done. Choose your vegetables carefully too. I avoid cabbage and cauliflower and kale. Spinach or green beans usually work for me. I also avoid Chilli as that is fatal! Everyone is different so you will find out what works for you as you go along.

    All the best. Angus

  • Thank you x

  • I struggle with dining out as I can't eat onion and garlic as they're my worst triggers. Trouble is those 2 ingredients are everywhere! Now I just tend to stick to sushi as I feel it's the safest option for me. Some restaurants are really bad at catering to your needs as I went to one over Christmas where they knew a couple of months beforehand that I had an 'allergy' to garlic and they still snuck it in my food so I was quite ill the next day. I'd rather not bother anymore...I think it's a good idea to take snacks with you wherever you go just in case you do struggle to find something to eat and don't worry about being honest with people - I'm sure they'll understand!

  • Thanks I def need to be more organised and have back up snacks to hand x

  • I never eat out . Not worth it.

    Explain to people : if they are true friends they will understand

    Socialise in ways that dont focus on food.......... or have people round for a safe meal you have cooked yourself

  • Thank you x

  • I gather it's not to everyone's taste but I've found Nando's restaurants are amazing. I always ask for their GF menu and am given an enormous ring binder with every ingredient that's in everything they serve.

    Every ingredient is listed and cross referenced to every allergy you can think of and on occasions when when our table has ordered both GF and non GF food someone has come out from the know then to double check.

    Everything is freshly cooked and you can get things done 'plain' if you want. My favourite snacks when I'm out if I don't want a meal are cooked chicken pieces and nuts although I need to watch out because M&S put wheat into some of their nut mixes which is no use to me being GF and which doesn't make sense to me, I mean why would you put wheat in a pack of nuts. Really important to read labels all the time.

  • Good to know which restaurants are on the ball sad to see so many others don't have a clue!

  • Hi,it takes time to find your triggers,but please don't put your life on hold.I seem to manage for a time then have a bad day out of the blue.It is important to eat as best you can a balanced diet,but with IBSD too much fruit and veg don't seem to help.I have found that taking Manuka Honey 5+ has made a huge difference along with a probiotics,saw results within 10 days.Also worrying about going to a strange place always causes stress which in turn causes IBSD.I have now decided that even if i am ok,i take Imodium and that takes the stress of the unknown away and it works!!!! So much so that i have travelled to new places and i am going to Australia in 7 weeks.Now there is a challenge,but life is too short.I have found that people are very understanding,so educate people and don't be embarrassed about it.Hope this might be of some help.

  • Enjoy Australia!

  • What probiotic do you use?

  • I find Symprove really good, not cheap but good.

  • Imodium is my best friend lol x

  • Hello Nicki, I feel you on this one. I have been suffering with IBS for last 14 months and gone through 90% of the "usual" recommendations given (both traditional & alternative medicine) with no success. Unfortunately FODMAP diet doesn't work for me,even so, I still maintain it (not sure why?!) Have found not many restaurants cater for us (unless the really fine-dining £££ ones who are well prepared and have understanding chefs! But let's be honest, I live on a budget). In the end, found it's easier to just avoid eating out and just adapted socialising to different ways. I also always bring my home-prepared lunch into work.Yes it's extra work, but at least I know exactly what I'm eating (no hidden nasties). Good luck & hopefully happy eating!

  • Thank you x

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