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Update following York test

Hi all,

I am on day 7 of cutting cows milk and yeast following the intolerence advice from York.

Yesterday had a normal motion, the first for probably 6 weeks, so am feeling optimistic, and managed to spend most of my working day in the office!.

Not much difference in stomach pain, bloating/wind, but any improvement is a bonus.

I was told that yeast is in wine, however, have read that it is eliminated during the filtering. Can anyone enlighten me?

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So it has helped some.. maybe it will take time to get the other things to go out of your system, I am happy for you. You seemed to have improved a bit.

I don't know about the wine, isn't their something online that can give you the answer?


Hi Jimtom, yes I am seeing some improvement - thank you.

Re the wine - the nutritionist told me to avoid as it contains yeast, but other sources on the internet say the filtering eliminates the yeast, so am a bit confused.

Went out for a haircut yesterday, and managed to avoid the urgent need for a toilet, which has really cheered me up. I have become a bit of a loner recently because I am afraid friends will get fed up with my symptoms, fortunately I have a super supportive husband.

Will keep updating, thanks for your replies 😄


Yes yeast is in wine and seemingly on some fruits e.g. blueberries. Wash thoroughly. Dont eat over ripe fruit as it ferments in stomach.


Thank you Sammysmum, I eat blueberries regularly so will ensure they are washed first, and will avoid overripe fruit.


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