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Yeast overgrowth in stool



I've done a comprehensive stool analysis test and the results are showing that I have lots of yeast in the stool. This is a abnormal level of yeast and is probably candida. Can anyone recommend me where I turn to with these results? I need immediate treatment and don't think my GP will be able to refer me to someone very quickly. I was thinking to look at private gastronologists? However I am not sure where to go as in what department will help , thank you

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Hi spir12345,

I too have a overgrowth of Candida and I found a Functional Nutritionist, she first sent me the comprehensive stool test which was where it was found and I also had a breath test to make sure I didn’t have SIBO (Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth ) which I didn’t. I was put on these garlic tablets and Biocare probiotics

So it might be worth you finding a Functional Nutritionist in your area.

Good luck


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Hi Moijoy, I read your post with interest as I had a comprehensive stool test done to, and found high levels of Candida ( done privately ) but after a very strict low carb diet and spent a fortune of various supplements for 6 months I had no improvement with my IBS-C. I asked my then NHS Gastroentologist about the test result but he would not entertain the results and refused me the special antibiotics that may have helped. I have given up with him now. Please would you explain your symptoms it would be interesting to see if they are similar to mine. I am fortunate that I only have incomplete evacuation, just full of stool all the time, laxatives don't hardly help, as my bowel " just says no, I am not going to work". I feel for those who suffer so much more with their tummies and IBS.

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Hi Bigbunbun3,

My symptoms are IBS-D can be anything from 3-5 bowel movements a day most are in the morning and is very draining, I also had my tests done privately, my tummy is constantly bubbling and rumbling and of course very windy, tummy ache and sometimes feeling nauseous.

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Hi Moijoy, thank you for your reply. Aw bless you not very nice at all for you. I am pleased that you have found a helpful Functional Nutritionist, and very soon feel much better with using the supplement regime.

You need to find a good nutritional therapist as the NHS aren't interested in things like Candida. My gp didn't even know what it was! Make sure you find someone with good qualifications and they should see you right. :)


I had candida as well. In the US there is an antifungal called Diflucan. Its often given for oral thrush and that sort of thing. Here most Doctors do not believe in candida. I found someone who did and prescribed me with it. It was incredible how much better I felt after two weeks. It crops up here and there, I can feel it and then I take a couple of days and it works. There are many supplements that claim to do this, but I would not mess with them and get something you know will work. It is also often recommended to reduce sugar and various other things in your diet to prevent. You can read online about that stuff. I didn't need to modify my diet much at all.

Take Heart as you will feel SO MUCH BETTER after you treat this.

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Hi ! may i ask if you took the diflucan for 2 weeks only ?? i didn't quite understand how "it crops here and there " ??

sorry English is not my native language so i don't understand some phrases that Google can't translate 🙈🙊

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Yes, two weeks on the medication.

I have learned to determine when I feel like it may return so when I feel that way, I will take it again for a few days to combat before it gets bad. My doctor has supported this. There are supplements that help combat but are not as effective. They were also hard on my system.

I had zero side effects from diflucan.

If I can answer anything else, don’t hesitate to ask!

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Thank you so much for clarifying this technique of combating Candida before they wake up and start messing up our system again 😳 i asked because i developed an anal fissure that has been inflamed and infected by candida Albicans due to prolonged severe diahrrea doctor prescribed diflucan only for 3 days and another antibiotic that i couldn't take because i know from past experience that it causes stomach trouble and diahrrea which is ( Azithromycin ) i felt just a little relieved , not that of a big difference, but after around 10 days.. the fissure starts oozing and bleeding again 😩 ..So when i read that you took it for 2 weeks ..i figured maybe 3 days were not enough to combat the candida and that i should give it another chance but with a longer period of time .

Thank you again for offering to help ..Greatly appreciate it 🌹

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My pleasure! Yes 10’days and I always have a bottle on hand for those times when my gut gets bad or my tongue goes white. Be persistent. Candida can be very hard to get rid of. Erythromycin is brutal on the gut!

Another option of anti-fungal for the fissure would be lotrimin. it’s sold in tubes for what we call

Athletes Foot or Jock itch. It’s for external use only.

The other thing to take every single day is a probiotic. This helps with overgrowth of yeast.

Good Luck to you!

What country are you in?

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Exactly ! That antibiotic got me hospitalized ( back when i was 15) for 2 weeks with zero white blood cells which was a rare allergic reaction ..i told the doctor my history so she said i will give you the milder version ( Azithromycin ) ..but i was skeptical and asked the pharmacist if they are really different and he said : they are like cousins from the same family ) i refused to take it and she refused to give me an alternative ( doctor pride 😥)

Regarding the lotion , yes i use it's the best for numbing the area down there and alleviating the itchy, burning, needle pokes feeling 😓 but the effect is only temporarily until my next bathroom visit then i have to reapply again is called here " Lotriderm " .

So many pro/ pre biotics out there in the pharmacies ..don't know what brand to choose honestly i'm lost 🤔

i'm currently on the antidepressant

" Dogmatil " which dramatically shifted me from runny loose BMs to more firm even hard outcome !!

but i still suffer from the frequency and sensation of incomplete evacuation and excessive gas i'm still struggling ..

I'm in Kuwait ..where so many medications " i read about here in this community " are not available and so many conditions " like bile acid Malabsorption, Sibo , dysbiosis " are overlooked or not recognised as a potential cause for IBS symptoms.

Good Luck to you too and to every one here battling this debilitating undermined illness !!


I had candida after a severe bout of gastro bug and alot of antibiotics which killed all my good gut bacteria . I was so ill u could actually see the yeast in my 💩( tmi, sorry).

I was so ill i could not keep anything in and lost alot of weight.

I noticed something was not right as i always had stomach pain and i was fatigued and couldnt eat.

So saw a allergist/ nutritionalist where he found candida.

He explained it was the antibiotics had killed all the good gut bacteria and now all i had was bad gut bacteria and explained i had to kill it.... u can do it by goin to gp but he explained it would prob make me worse as it would b anti fungal and prob more antibiotics! Which i didnt want to take anymore.

So i went on a 6 Week detox.... no sugar( even fruit as it fructose) no processed food, no bread or yeast, no gluten, no dairy so basically all healthy clean food....

I went soya milk. Ate all clean foods, hummous and chicken ,turkey loads of veg. Also i was told to take a good probiotic(no gluten or dairy) a digestive enzyme ,peppermint capsules.

It was hard at first i had massive brain fog and i was 💩all time as it was “ dying off” which is not great but within one week i was starting to feel better!

After two the pain had started to go.

Three i was putting on weight and keeping food in. Then people started saying “ i looked really good” my skin, nails, hair everything started to look good.

I went back to see him 7 weeks later and my candida was gone!

I have more or less stayed on that diet with the supplements( as i have always had ibs and these help) as i never felt so good. I do not eat gluten , dairy or processed food anymore .. but i do treat myself once in while. Not touched bread or yeast since as i cant even stand smell. It like my body hates it.

So it really is quite simple to do if u got the willpower and it is only 6 weeks!

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