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Struggling... nuts??

Hi all.

Sat awake in agony, can anyone relate or shed some light - i can feel a panic attack coming on because of this :(

Been fine all day, then on the train home got a horrible deep stomach pain, felt almost like the Ones before you need to number 2 when you're constipated... that went and then moments later I got other sharp ones. That was about 6pm and since then I have been struggling.

I managed to make myself eat some mini chicken kievs and white rice, but I've had a sharp nagging pain in my lower left side for ages that won't budge, I've taken tablets... I keep getting the odd stabbing pain around my abdomen too and waves of nausea. Passing wind both ends every now and then after the pains and grumbles too.

One thing I've done is had some jordans country crisp chunky nuts cereal. Had a bowl Friday night then sat, sun and this morning. I just wondered if this could cause my pain? I know nuts are poorly digested so just wondered if anyone could shed some light and calm me down? I'm conscious I sometimes eat quickly too, so could this all be trapped wind and trouble from what I've eaten? The cereal (which I think I have maybe had trouble with before) and some junk food this weekend? I also avoid chewing gum because it gives me trapped wind and bellyache, but I had one this morning before I had any breakfast. Could that have also aggravated me? Could this alljust be pain from trapped wind from my stomach trying to digest the nuts, a chewing gum this morning and then normal daily wind production? Bowel movements are relatively ok but can notice some undigested veg and little bits of nuts in it (sorry tmi)


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Yes to all the above and trapped wind is the source of extreme pain sometimes.

Try to clear your system of all things which are likely to upset your digestive system by using Fodmaps.

Look up MonAsh University website for FODMAPS. You can get an app to help you with a list of foods to avoid initially then add them in by type one at a time to see what causes you pain.

If you feel you can't do such a strict thing then primary causes could be gluten, dairy, soya

Onion, garlic, peas, beans, pulses

Most processed food contains some of these which is why to find out you what affects you most you would need to eat plain fresh cooked food.

Anyway first read about FODMAPS to see if you could do that. You need to do it for 4-6 weeks to clear your system before adding things back in.

Good luck

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Nuts are a no, no for me also. My problem is fibre based. We were having drinks with some friends, they had some peanuts on the table, I had 4 peanuts then had pains when I went to be. Most likely to be the nuts, I also tried a chocolate which had an almond in the middle, same thing! I steer clear of anything that effects me, safest way and I feel good, so not worth the agro. Hope you get to grips with things. IBS is a pain, ( pardon the pun! ) one just has to keep to food that doesn't have horrid effects.

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If you know something causes you a problem dont have it. Having the chewing gum sounds like a bad idea, I would avoid it from now on if I were you. Yes the cereal is most likely the culprit, I was in excrutiating pain and eventually realised it was because I had been eating museli for breakfast for a few days. I stopped and a couple of days later the pain had eased. Its so frustrating & ridiculous that something thats meant to be healthy & good for you can make us IBS sufferers so ill. I suggest you dont have that cereal again, put it on your triggers list so you can keep track of the foods that cause you pain.


It could be the nuts, but some people are fine with them - but it could be the fiber.

Or it could be other stuff put into industrially made breakfast cereal.

You may find this article helpful: sickofibs.com/ibs-triggers/...

You could try some organic oats instead on their own mixed with water and heated.

If that's OK, try with milk.

If that's OK then add in some organic nuts, and see what that does.

Hope this helps,


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Hi I find nuts give me ibs except a few walnuts


Hi hope your feeling ok now? I stick to a gluten free routine. Breakfast for me is porridge with oat milk. Food is a pain. I wish someone would invent a pull so I didn't have to eat! L


I'm sort of ok now, still getting cramps though but cut the cereal out. Thank you


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