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I have been on Imodium with several other tablets for around 6 months having 2 every 3 days to control ibs-d I stopped having them on Monday as I was having frequent trapped wind which was very painful and just generally get vey sluggish. Tuesday day was fine still had some trapped wind did not have to go at all however it all went to pot on Wednesday with expulsion of very painful wind I felt this all night and it carried on to Thursday then Thursday night I had an awful bout of diorrhea which the. Lasted on and off all Friday and most of today it is beginning to slow down but I was wondering if anyone else has weaned off Imodium also if you're just starting to love imodiums effective relief stop right away as its a pain to wean off!!! I'm also in a lot of pain with cramping and spasms I assume this is my intestines getting back into a natural rythm.

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  • Have you tried massaging your tummy?

    Use your left hand and gently start by your right thigh moving up towards your chest over the top of your stomach and back down on the left side. Repeat about 10 times slowly and with not too much pressure.

    I have used this method in the past and it has worked, sometimes lying on your side is easier than on your back too.

  • I will give that a go thank you !

  • I've had nothing but issues with imodium. Nothing but bad side effects after coming down off of imodium. I gave up using it and now I'm trying to cure the underlying issues versus covering it up by taking the meds.

  • That's what I'm trying to do now I'm trying the FODMAP diet as it seems to have a brilliant effect I have had enough of Perscription meds and over the counter. I've never liked putting things to stop natural functions in my body and since coming off Imodium I'm doing proper detox as I fee my system is so bunged up. I've enquirer about a colonic irrigation as my mother had it when she was young and it had changed her completely and made her less bloated and generally better. I'm the mornings I drink warm lemon juice only on days when I am not working to help flush my system completely of the toxins and bits that are stuck

  • Hi, I have been taking Imodium for about two years to control IBS-d.

    I have had to experiment exactly how much to take. I buy the Instants melts and break one in half. I take a half every morning until I get slightly constipated (about 3/4 days). I then skip a day, sometimes I get the diarrhoea back sometimes not.

    I don't get a lot of discomfort. Occasionally I get very sharp pains before I go to the loo when I'm constipated or I will get a "rush" sort of pain if it's diarrhoea.

    I don't think I could cope without Imodium. The only drawback I think is, that as it slightly paralysis your anus etc, sometimes i find I'm not sure if my brain knows I need to "go". I then have to sit on the loo and wait to find out if I do!

  • I totally agree since coming off Imodium my bottom dosnt know what to do I feel like I need to go and I push but I have to wait a while and pushing causes a horrific cramp! A half sounds a better amount as I was taking 2 at a time

  • For wind pai hot water bottle peppermint tea or liquorice tea ,in extremis brandy sugar and hot water!

  • I take 2 Imodium everyday. It's the only thing that allows me to lead a normal life - I can't imagine ever stopping whilst I'm working

  • Neither could I since I had a bad ibs turn about a year ago after a year of it being so good and almost disappeared and my job in retail meant I couldn't go to toilet when I wanted so Imodium was my comfort blanket I couldn't imagine not taking it and coming off it has been the hardest few days of my life I've been in so much pain and discomfort and just very teary and depressed as I can't stop going to the toilet but now this is day 6 without Imodium and its seems to be getting better and better. It does work very well but it really messes your system up. I would even suggest just having breaks when you're not working and just let your body naturally get in a rythm for a few days. I'm no doctor but I have felt a difference in my tummy since coming off it that feels empty and not gassy and bloated.

  • Try taking Natures plus GI natural probiotics they worked magic for me for the same symptoms as you I noticed a difference after 3 days and then things got better and better. I took 3 a day to start with and now I am down to 1 a day.

  • Have you tried taking Kefir milk? It has worked wonders for me and has stopped my diarrhoa, only get urgency occasionally and generally firmer stools. Lots of stuff about it on this site, just put Kefir in the search box. It puts all the good bacteria in and flushes out the bad, making your digestive system a happier place all round.

  • I will have a look sounds good!

  • try taking half of an immodium instant

  • I don't want to take any more now unless I really have to as it has really damaged me and my gp said I should not be having he volume I do at my age

  • colloidal gel supposed to be good ...anyone tried it???

  • hi

    i had a bad daYy with "d' bad pain in groin area may inflame groin as well.(old injury)

    nothing helped with d or pain until i took 2 imodium and codeine and hot water bottle.

    i think imodium is a tool but not the answer. need to find what triggers ibs. may have been coconut for me or too much sugar(sweet tooth). i find buscopan best for bloating pain and windeze tabs.have you tried the fodmap diet?

    hope you ge tbetter,


  • Slowly getting better but Imodium definitely had damaged me and coming off caused a lot of pain

  • If you are intolerant of lactose then Immodium and a lot of other tablet medication contains it and it will not be doing you any good

    I found that cabbage and it's relatiions cause me a lot of wind discomfort so I avoid them and I am also dairy intolerant

  • Have you had a colonoscopy to make a diagnosis? I was told I had IBS for years until a colonoscopy showed inflammatory bowel disease

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