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Potential IBS Diagnosis


Hi All,

So I'm 30 years old and have been suffering for the last 4 years. I changed my diet, gluten, wheat, diary free... I tried a liquid diet, smoothies, carb free, veggie so many things. I'm now awaiting an appointment to have the camera... both ends!! Needless to say I'm terrified of this!!

The Consultant has said it's very likely I have IBS. Now from what little I currently know this can be managed by diet, which of course fills me with hope that things are going to get better. At the moment however, I'm enduring a 2 day session of extreme bloating, insomnia and house bound. It's just such an awful feeling, I feel sick and tired all the time and am sick and tired of feeling this way. My fiance and I are hardly ever intimate as it usually always results in severe pain. We were trying for a child but after trying for 2 years we've had to stop as my symptoms are more erratic. I had to give up my job, as the stress and anxiety of being away from my desk, becoming unreliable and needing the bathroom so much was too much. I never make plans anymore as my body is so uncontrollable. Friends have distanced themselves, people just think it's an excuse, or it's so common, I'm just moaning and need to get over it. But it really is taking a toll on me mentally as well as physically and no one seems to understand.

Not expecting a magic wand... although that would be nice... I would appreciate any tips, advice, words of wisdom to help me get through this troublesome time.

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Hi there sorry to hear things are a struggle at the moment. I'm 33 and been suffering IBS for the last couple of years chronic stress and anxiety seems to have been the cause but now I have to watch what I eat and take regular meds etc. Sounds like you are getting all the checks you need at the moment. You mentioned it interfering with your sex life have you had all this checked etc - any scans or checks for cysts and endometriosis? I understand it affecting social and family life I used to love eating out but now struggle and also struggle with eating at other people's houses and staying over etc it's too stressful! IBS management is very trial and error I've just started taking a probiotic and find it's helping as well as taking a digestive enzyme after my evening meal. I'm not symptom free but it's more manageable as I find my IBS is linked to stress/anxiety and hormones so every week can be different. Good luck. Everyone on here is supportive and has lots of advice to give to any questions just ask xx

I can recommend a good cookbook 'the FODMAP friendly kitchen' great for meals at home there are also good recipes on internet/Pinterest. Also if things are taking their toll can recommend counselling, meditation, Mindfullness etc x

Sorry you are feeling so isolated at the moment. If sex causes pain it needs gyne to look into it, it isnt a normal thing unless hubby is a very lucky man!😉 Changing position might help if there is no pressure put on your tummy. i ended up having to have a prolapse repair due to painful intercourse.

Are you back on gluten containing foods? If not, it might be to your benefit if you can tolerate them in the weeks leading up to your endoscopy. That way they will be able to see if your villi are damaged caused by coeliac. They can also do blood tests but normally you do need a gluten containing diet for it to show up.

I was still munching gluten but had few relatable symptoms and was going to be dismissed as ibs until they found i had coeliac with significant damage.

I hope you get the answers from your scopes and can go forward on the road to being healed and happier.

I see you are having the right tests for IBS, I had the camera up and down. Although I gagged a little on the camera going down but I found the Colonoscopy (camera that goes up) actually quite relaxing as I was sedated. The hardest part I found is the diet beforehand and of course the day where you have to be near the toilet. I have to say though that I felt really well on the diet beforehand but did find it boring.

I am slowly but surely eliminating foods and will shortly be going on the low FODMAP diet. You may see that quite a few people take probiotics and some people also either buy or make Kefir (see below):


It would also be a good idea to search on the internet on ways to combat anxiety i.e. mindfulness/meditation etc.

Best of luck with the tests.


I found great relief from bloating and bowel issues by taking alflorex precisionbiotics capsules. I'd tried everything but this has done wonders for me. They aren't the cheapest but they are specially for gut related problems and IBS. I get mine on eBay occasionally where they are cheaper than boots. It may be worth trying a 2 month course to see if it helps. Xxxx

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