Ibs much better!

Hi, this is the first time I've ever posted on a forum but I just wanted to share my findings and hope it may help someone else.

I have always followed a good diet pretty much the fodmap. Recently cutting out all caffeine and very little dairy or gluten.

But the big difference for me over the last six weeks has been taking pre and pro biotics.

I know there is no scientific proof that these help but the last six weeks for me have been the best for the last 4 years!!

No mebeverien or buscopan touched at all!

Just my experience anyway I really hope that it helps someone as I know dealing with ibs is hard.

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  • I am new to this and have realised I have low or no stomach acid Started 4 weeks ago with apple cider vinegar which helps ,then tried manuka honey on an empty stomach which helps Thus last week am trying Yakult which is helping Going to try Kefir as well I am just learning what my triggers are So I agree with you they work for me hurrah!!!!!!

  • Hi Tjpar, can you name the kind or brand of probiotics you found so helpful? Thanks, M

  • Hi

    I've been using Bioglan Everyday Formula Biotic Balance Ultimate Flora 30 Capsules and found they've helped

  • Hi

    I too have been following fodmap diet (dairy and gluten free) and taking pro biotics for the last 3 weeks and already have noticed a massive difference in my symptoms. I suffer a bit if i fall off the diet for a day but even then recover much quicker than i did before so putting that down to the pro biotics helping restore healthy bacteria.

    Glad you're feeling better 🙂 x

  • Lovely to get some good news,well done

  • Hi Tjpar, I've had IBS for many years now and have tried many things and did find that multivitamins helped me a lot but recently my IBS has been getting worse and I am putting that down to stress - I know that stress is a trigger. What doesn't help is that I have Emetophobia so if I have an upset stomach, which with my IBS I don't get that often, (I mostly get the pain more than anything else) and nausea I get panicky thinking I am going to be sick.

    I did purchase the book 'IBS Free at Last' by Patsy Catsos and read through it but found it so difficult to understand so didn't even attempt the Fodmap diet, have you found it quite easy to understand? I really need to do something but it's know what! I have already cut some things out of my diet which I know for a fact are triggers i.e. onions, particularly raw, raw carrots, broccoli (I eat occasionally but not often), cauliflower and sweetcorn. I am now looking at cutting right down on sugar (I absolutely love mocha coffees but am going to eliminate those out of my diet completely but have some sachets left in my cupboard and once they are gone that's it.

    Also, what pre and pro biotics do you use?

    So glad things are looking much better for you.

    All the best.


  • Hi

    I've been using the Monash University app which has a traffic light system for food. It might help you understand how to follow the fodmap diet 🙂

  • Thank you Shele, I'll have to get that one :)

  • Which pre and pro biotics are you taking?

  • After a 3 month nasty flare up. .My ibs has been great the past week..and I've been taking Acidophilus chewable tablets from Holland and Barrett..Each tablet contains 1 billiion friendly bacteria..I take 2 per day.. and have been feeling really good.. I also take Activa yoghurt and Sunsweet prune juice..With is also getting my digestive system to work wonderfully. .I am now starting to eat all my favourite things without the consent wind and aches n pains..Don't give up...try anything that may help.

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