Colonoscopy/upper endoscopy tomorrow!!

Finally it is almost time! I begin prepping for my colonoscopy today which sucks, especially since I have an ibs flare going so the bathroom process has already stared, glad it will be over soon! Had to call in to work because this stupid flare woke me up at 1am to go to the bathroom and I cant take my trusted imodium..😢😢😢...this is going to be a long day!! Hoping after tomorrow I will be headed twords getting relief as i am sick of feeling like stomach is always upset now and the lower back pain is really starting to get to me!!

2 Replies

  • You shoukdn't go to work when prepoing for the tests - you'll need to be very near the toilet

    Good luck tomorrow

  • Hi its good that you have a flare up cos they will have someting to see BUT i would ask for a sedation

    All The Best

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