Colonoscopy tomorrow 😱

Morning all, So nothing to eat today from 9 o'clock just finishing last piece of toast. Starting to get very nervous. So I've taken the day off work and I've just have liquid now until tomorrow morningS appointment. Won't I get incredibly dizzy just having water? I will try black coffee but don't really like it I bought some sprite and I bought some Robinsons Orange juice but it's no added sugar is that okay? I'm not sure what else I could have? Could I buy some ice lollies so long as it there was no chocolate or ice cream? Can't buy any Lucozade or energy drinks as I can't have caffeine

Then my notes say to start taking the prep at 5 o'clock people say for every mouthful of it to have a mouthful of water to help it go down? I'm very afraid I will throw it up as I don't tolerate things very well ! going to try and drink it through a straw see if that's easier. Have bought Andrex wipes and some Vasoline ! Presumably I'll get bad cramps? Can I take paracetamol ? Convinced I'm going to pass out. Will have to ring the hospital anyway as nobody answered about stopping my ompretzole (sp) and to make sure somebody can find a vein as they couldn't with endoscopy ! any tips greatly appreciated for this nervous wreck please lol do I need to pad up against leaks on way to hospital?! Do U remove underwear when u gown up?

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  • You can have clear soup with no bits in it so a consommé is ok, not sure about sprite, I thought it was no fizzy drinks.

    Once you get over the initial hunger you should be ok and providing you keep your fluids up to avoid dehydration you shouldn't feel dizzy. I had a crashing headache first time because I hadn't drunk enough, lesson learnt.

    The prep is pretty disgusting so drinking through a straw can help, you can add some flavour to disguise the taste but it's still tough going

    Make sure you get enough sedation and ask for more if needed, good luck 😀

  • My prep tasted better cold but you get freezing by consuming so much - it helped to hop between the shower to warm up and toilet. Chicken stock is good as it's salty so something different from the juices. By the time I was on the way to the hospital there was nothing left to poop out, but nobody will judge you for wearing a backup pad. They made me change once I was there - so underpants are okay. Bring some snacks to eat afterwards and be prepared to be bloated and gassy afterwards - you may want loose pants to wear since it's uncomfortable. I didn't pass out, and I'm generally a person that does if I don't eat AND if I think too much about medical procedures, so you'll probably be fine. That being said, have someone drive you home. You'll be fine. It's awkward and scary, but not all that bad in hindsight.

  • Thankyou both


    Got cancelled grrrrrr

  • Oh no how annoying.

  • I know! And now I've been in the bathroom on and off since 4am with bad pains , result of stress? Or not eating just drinking until late yesterday?

  • Twice I had mine put off when I was actually there waiting to go in ! I'm supposed to have one every 5 years but I'm good at avoiding them !!

  • Hi: Don't worry. Just do what your instructions tell you to do and you will be alright. I have had 3 of the darned thingsover the ters and with each onethey have improved the procedure. Do not eat or drink ANYTHING that your prep list says not to. That is important. It does not take long and it will be over before you know it. The worst thing aout having it done is laying there but whoever does it has done it thousands of times and your just another 'piece of meat'LOL

    You cannot help but worry a little but, really, nothingtoworry about.

    Let me know how you make out. You will be fine.

  • You will get through this. It's not a delightful experience but you can do it. Take one step at a time. You have everything you need to hand it seems. You probably won't need painkillers (I didnt). I have heard of those who have a hot bath run to dip in and out of. I had all my drinks in room beside bathroom and stayed there. You shouldn't feel faint as you are drinking loads. I was glad I did it as I got diagnosis that I could then deal with. Good luck x

  • I think you can have bovril NO fizzy drinks tho. I drank the picklax in one-if thats what you have got ?

    I couldnt drink the other LEMON stuff and had a reaction. so, on the day they just gave me an anenamie-which worked pretty quick. I did not have any cramps with pickleax.

    There is an option of sedation and i have never had a sedation,so, no need for needles.

    i have had flexible sigoid 3 times now with NO sedation; I just had entinox ( gas and air )

    You will feel great when its all over AND there is nothing to worry about !

    YOU ARE IN GOOD HANDS ! there will be no leeks on way to hospital cos there will be nothing left.

    ON the later part of the day if you want a drink have it while on the loo cos it comes through straitaway. only drink when you feel thirsty.

    Thiking of you S x

  • Thanks I rang and any fizzy is fine as is jelly so long as nothing is red

  • OK; very best wished and lots of love to you x

    When its finished treat yourself to something nice and be kind to yourself !

  • Do you mean before I have it done? They said to keep drinking loads right upto having it done so I don't get dehydrated, isnit going to go straight through!!! Worried now!

  • When i had it done -few times now -I was sat on toilet before I went to hospital and it went strait thorough like a pin ball game. Whilst i was drinking the water. but I do have incontinence !

    Best of luck S x

  • Nothing to it, better to find out what's going on, was told I had colitis after having one done, found out that wheat and corn cause me problems, best of luck

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