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People around me don’t understand?


Does anybody else feel as though no body else understands Ibs? Apart from the people who suffer with it of course. My friend sometimes makes jokey comments about “it being in my head”. She said it was a joke but I don’t find it funny considering how much I suffer on a day to day basis.i also feel very awkward when I eat round my boyfriends house. I feel bad to not eat some of the food that I know could set me off and I don’t want to come across as rude! But I feel as though they just wouldn’t understand it. People think that it can just be contorlled by a diet but whilst this may help a little ;The flare ups happen no mater what. I’m just frustrated and fed up. It feels like a daily battle of me praying that I don’t get pain today.

What’s your experiences when it comes to eating out and explaining Ibs to people you are close with?

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I have felt that way before too. I had a friend who made me feel like I was exaggerating, until she was at my house when an episode happened out of nowhere. Even then she laughed and was like yeah I’m just going to go home. 🙄 Now I just tell people how it is. I have a sensitive stomach and it isn’t worth me feeling like crap for a few days. Some still act like I’m being dramatic, but for the most part they’ve all come around and know.

I totally understand. I rarely go out for food now. When i go to friends i take my own prepared food. Family and friends are used to my "mary poppins" bag now! It's tough if they don't get it, it's you who has to suffer at the end of the day.

Mine have been really good for the first few months of me been brutally honest about it all. Even the metal side of it. But a couple have now stopped asking how I am. Seems like they think I'm 'always ill' now. I'm at the point where I'd rather something serious was wrong with me that could be fixed than living like this everyday with IBS.

Oh yeh ive had it all, the little remarks “ oh we cant eat out , because of her” or “ we all wana go out for lunch but do u need to check menu first?”!!

To the best one “ do u eat like u do to stay skinny”??? .....

No im skinny because of my stomach!

I am now 45 and have learnt my triggers , ive also learnt u need a healthy gut lining and bacteria and if u dont have that thats prob why u have ibs. Learnt this from a gastroentologist. Most people with ibs have a allergy to a certain type of food ... gluten, dairy,yeast?

Or have a very bad gut bacteria... through bad eating, to much sugar, antibiotics, medication?

Mine was antibiotics that really flared mine up bad to point i lost 2 st in 3-4 months.

I now make sure my gut is super healthy... lots of probiotics, digestive enzymes, peppermint oil caps.

No gluten and yeast( bread was a big trigger)

No alocohol( once in while i do but not often)

I also dont eat much sugar.

My ibs barely raises its ugly head anymore!

Once in a blue moon!

I now go out to dinner with mates and have a normal life... i know i cant eat spicey foods but everything else i do... i just find the healthiest thing on menu and i know il b fine

ccprincess in reply to Lulububs

I think that the antibiotics I was taking has set me off too. I used to get my Ibs maybe once a week at most but now it’s nearly everyday. I’ve stopped taking them now but I really think it was the antibiotics that has made it worse for me. I know I need to change my diet too. It’s just so hard because we get food cravings just like everyone else; which I don’t think people understand.

For example, McDonald’s is one of my main trigger foods. I told my friends I couldn’t come and they wernt too happy about it and kept going on about getting a cheeseburger because it’s plain? I find it really hard to deal with it around particular people. Mostly find myself at home everyday.

It’s nice to hear that your better now!!

Lulububs in reply to ccprincess

Yeh mac donalds im not good with coz i found red meat is a major trigger for me so if anyone wants a mac ds i stick to chicken!

I did a diet for 6 week that my gastro told me to do and it was brilliant ...

I cut out all gluten, yeast and sugar just for 6 weeks.. and it literally cured me.

I took probiotics , digestive enzymes and peppermint oil caps.

Within 2 weeks i started to feel better.

I basically stuck to

Greek yoghurt and berries for brekkie

Then lunch was hummous and gluten free tortillas.

Dinner was chicken or turkey and loads of veg.

It cleaned out my digestive system.

I felt so much better and had no flares at all.

I am still clean eating 18 months down line coz i enjoyed it so much.

It totally changed my life.

It all about willpower to start but then ur body gets used to it and u just dont want to put anything bad in it.

It case of always picking the easier and healthier option.

If i go to mac ds i have chips but with chicken nuggets and take the coating off.

If i have fish and chips i eat the fish and take the batter off , i know whats gona make me ill but at same time i do not wana b a social

Pariah and noone invite me out!

It not easy but it will Get easier

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