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Rota virus, ibs and travelling in Europe

With my ibs I tend to have allergies and intolerances yet I eat very well. I still seem to have a weakened immune system no matter what I take. I always seem to pick up anything and everything from others. I caught the rota virus from a friends kid. It left me home bound for 2 weeks and finally ended up in hospital. I won't touch western antibiotics and trying to fix it naturally. I will be travelling around Europe for the first time. I live in Hong Kong so everything here is very convenient in regards to toilet access. Travel. Food. And medicine. Any help with travelling accross Europe with ibs and food issues please let me know .... thanks so much!! 

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Stick to rice and noodles

Learn to like Scots porridge oats not congee

Chemist open in France till seven to seven thirty

Toilets in French trains reliable

Avoid salad stuff

Great drink in France for tums licquorice and mint infusion 

Herbal medicine in France much respected and if you know Western names available in chemists


Get can't wait card!


Have you been checked for Dysbiosis?


Hi I also live in Hong Kong and I find looking for toilets easier in Europe, so you should be ok. I always just take Imodium before I travel anywhere now and that normally works, I think it keeps the anxiety away knowing I've taken them.


Hello 😁. I take friendly bacteria capsules on a daily basis and have found they really help. I have also found that gluten free foods are widely available in Europe, with some places having a far greater range than UK supermarkets. Another great help is the IBS emergency cards and also the Coeliac cards, both available in many languages. They are great when eating out. Good luck and enjoy your travels.


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