My IBS and free-from food = No choice!

Hello everyone,

My name is Ellie and I have been diagnosed with IBS for two years now. I am currently undergoing a masters dissertation research project on whether the free-from food market is catering to the demand of consumers. I, myself, cannot eat anything with onions in as it triggers my IBS majorly! As a consequence of this, I have to make all my sauces from scratch which can sometimes be annoying especially when I'm on the go between university, work and home! 

If any of you have a minute, could you please spare it by completing my questionnaire. It is targeted at people who either have an allergy, food intolerance or IBS.

Any responses would be greatly appreciable. 

Thank you in advance.


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  • Done

  • Thank you 

  • Hi Ellie. I have completed your survey, and left my contact details. I have the same issue with a lot of Free From foods. I was advised to try the Fod map eating plan and it has been great. I was shocked at the foods on there that are trigger foods...onions being one of them.


  • Hi Natasha,

    Yes onion is a big trigger for me and as a consequence, all sauces have to be made from scratch and I can't have certain alternatives such as the curry powders, because it contains onions. Basically I want to try and launch free-from onion food, but wanted to see if there was a market first or not. Thank you for completing the survey and sharing your thoughts, I really appreciate it. 


  • Good luck Ellie, it is a great idea. Have a look at the Fodmap chart for ideas. I have found that a lot of people who are intolerant of one of the higher fomap foods are also sensitive to others on the list.


  • Thanks Natasha. I'm finding more and more people can't have onions but wanted to see if there was another common intolerance out there! Would be rally great if we could have choices for us on the supermarket shelves :( only because I'm so sick of looking at the back of packaging to check if it is onion free or not!!

  • done

  • Thank you, I appreciate it

  • Done. Sausages without onions would be great too!

  • tell me about it! Onions are my main trigger and want to see if free-from could produce onion free products but i wanted to double check if there would be a market for it first... but I think there is! 

  • Done, my issue (other than all gluten products) is corn, its in everything!  I'd love to have free from grain products available!

  • Wow that's interesting! I will note that down for my research. Thanks for sharing 

  • Done

  • Of course I will :-)

  • Thank you everyone :)

  • Done

  • Will do....Also have major issues with onions and sweetcorn!!!

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