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Flare up after a cold?

Had a bad cold over Christmas I'm only just getting over, and for the last week I've felt uncomfortably full after eating only a little food, had low appetite in the first place, then last night after a very moderate to small portion of tomato pasta (not usually a trigger for me) woke up the night feeling sick. Ignored it and then woke up this morning with major run-for-the-toilet diarrhoea (sorry too much info)

Haven't had antibiotics or anything during the cold (as they mess with my bowels for weeks) - just regular paracetamol. And because of the cold I've actually been eating less bad stuff - usually over Xmas I'd be eating chocolate, alcohol etc even though I know they trigger me, but haven't touched either.

Has anyone else got a flare up from a respiratory virus somehow?

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Could be the acid in the tomato which caused it, especially if you arent eating much at the moment.


Yes I had this when getting over a chest infection about two months ago, same thing happen had too! rush to the toilet when I woke up not just once but three times not a good start to the day,hadn't eaten anything that I shouldn't .x


If you're lactose or dairy i tolerant it could have been the tablet medication


I tend to find colds etc improve the situation a bit. Must be something to do with the immune system but I mustn't take any painkillers for it as that inflames my bowels. Ibuprofen is terrible and my gastro man says it should be avoided for ibs. Hope you get better soon I had that chest thing recently it wasn't nice.


Hi , yes I've still got the cold/ cough virus & it's definitely affected my IBS. The pain under my left ribs which had improved from taking peppermint tablets is back despite still taking the tablets & my bowels are quite loose & frequent despite hardly eating anything as I feel full & nauseated. I'm hoping that I'm on the road to recovery now as last night was the first in a week that I didn't cough half the night! Its just adding to the exhaustion though, not being able to eat properly when you're run down anyway. Hoping it'll improve soon!


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