Does a flare up settle down?

I have had IBS over many years but with the odd flare up. Since taking semi retirement and now starting a new job over the last four months have it every two weeks. This job has new elements to it and I am not accustomed to not knowing my job so there is a bit of stress related to it. I only work pt and could be off at weekend and not be thinking about work and have an episode! Usually chronic diarhorrea in middle of night. Hoping that if I eat bland diet for a month that it may settle and also if i can I put job in perspective. Does gut stay irritated for a while after diarhorrea? Cannot figure out why middle of night.

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  • I had a flare up last year, when I felt very unwell for months and when my IBS was diagnosed - after many tests/investigations. However, now I'm not bad at all and, with medication, everything seems under control. This isn't to say it couldn't flare up again, but things have settled down. I'm sure in your case that the extra stress is taking its toll. I know that stress definitely affects my IBS.

    Is the diarrhoea actually waking you up at night? I think it would be best to get an appointment and discuss that with your GP. I have had diarrhoea in the night myself, when my IBS was bad, but always when I've been awake for a while and then I've had to get up. It's never actually woken me up.

    I hope that things improve for you.

  • Hope you still feel well?,, what medication do you take?? I take Loperamide!!!

  • As far as I understand, if it's waking you up at night that is a red flag and you should talk to your doc and make sure it's only the IBS. Have you lost weight too? These were the red flags that prompted my gastroenterologist to want to do a colonoscopy and endoscopy. Thankfully, mine really was just a severe form of IBS, but it's best to get checked out. Good luck! :)

  • Thanks for all your help. I have been seeing my doctor over the years but back tomorrow so will see what is suggested. I asked to be referred to dietitian but was refused as I couldn't identify which foods irritated me! Asking again tomorrow

  • Sooooo, you can ask to be referred to a 'Dietician'??

  • Hi Genevieve what meds are you on.?

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