H pylori stool test was negative, is that different then fructose malabsorption

So I have been having issues with my gi tract.. so the doctor ran a h pylori test and it was negative... my dietition made me cut out fructose for now anyways and it has helped but not all the way unless I asadently have fructose and not know about it..... is the h pylori test the same as fructose... it was a stool sample and was negative so that means I don't have fructose issued? I took the fructose breath test 3 days after turning in the stool sample and I was so sick from the 25grams of fructose.... I had the dry vomits and diarrhea along with abdominal pain and cramping. Today is the first day I feel better from it..... I'm still waiting on results from the fructose test but is the h pylori part of it?

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  • Hi, I was found to have H Pylori after. Having the Camera down, I got rid of it with Antibiotics .I cannot have Fructose or Lactose .My top Advice would be look At any Tablets you take.. Hope you feel better. Today.

  • I have a colonoscopy and a endoscopy on Monday..... I can't have gluten, dairy or fructose... they all seem to make me sick

  • Hope you get on OK Monday ,come back with how you get on .The only Dairy I have is Lactose free milk and butter and the yogurts. I never feel sick just horrendous cramp pains ,which even after I have been to the loo can make me feel as though I have run a marathon . I also only eat White Weight Watchers Bread as it contains Dextrose sugar . Fructose sugar is in most things .Hope this helps .