H pylori stool test was negative, is that different then fructose malabsorption

So I have been having issues with my gi tract.. so the doctor ran a h pylori test and it was negative... my dietition made me cut out fructose for now anyways and it has helped but not all the way unless I asadently have fructose and not know about it..... is the h pylori test the same as fructose... it was a stool sample and was negative so that means I don't have fructose issued? I took the fructose breath test 3 days after turning in the stool sample and I was so sick from the 25grams of fructose.... I had the dry vomits and diarrhea along with abdominal pain and cramping. Today is the first day I feel better from it..... I'm still waiting on results from the fructose test but is the h pylori part of it?

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  • Hi, I was found to have H Pylori after. Having the Camera down, I got rid of it with Antibiotics .I cannot have Fructose or Lactose .My top Advice would be look At any Tablets you take.. Hope you feel better. Today.

  • I have a colonoscopy and a endoscopy on Monday..... I can't have gluten, dairy or fructose... they all seem to make me sick

  • Hope you get on OK Monday ,come back with how you get on .The only Dairy I have is Lactose free milk and butter and the yogurts. I never feel sick just horrendous cramp pains ,which even after I have been to the loo can make me feel as though I have run a marathon . I also only eat White Weight Watchers Bread as it contains Dextrose sugar . Fructose sugar is in most things .Hope this helps .

  • I never did update u. The colonoscopy came back fine. The endoscopy came back with decreased folds in duodenum which is suspicious for celiac... but my biopsy came back find. ( iv been on gluten free diet for 6 yrs)

  • But anyway doctor still dosent know what's wrong. I have appt Monday to sit and talk with her though

  • Thanks for the update ,I had H pylori 4 years ago ,when having Test for Gall stones I had the Tablets that you are given for H pylori And then test you get after to see if it is gone came back Negative .I then had my Gall Bladder removed .A month after l could not eat anything with Lactose or Fructose ,although I did have that before but only eating Tomatoes ,Onions ,Or Chocolate affected me . Now it is everything ,I have to look at . In Feb this year I was put on Statins after 2months ,I was in so much pain in my knees And Back ,and they have raised my Liver levels ,I do not drink alcohol at all ,never have .and the Dr,s keep asking me how much I drink,I I am going for a ct scan later on this month on my Stomach and had Mri scan last week on my back ,I am sure the Stiffness and Liver is from the Statins ,but I don't think I will ever gat rid of my IBS . It will be interesting to hear what you DR will say ,Please keep in touch .

  • Yeah it's getting old

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