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Ibs - mucus, constant bloating and pain

Hi, I am very grateful i have found this site, very useful to me. 3 years ago i was diagnosed with IBS after telling my doctor of my symptoms which was going to the toilet 4-5 times a day and being in awful pain that took me to A&E on one occasion, which at the time the hospital thought i had a bladder infection. I have been on mebeverine which has helped as i now only go toilet once or twice a day but everyday my tummy hurts, is bloated, tender to touch, just a constant feeling of feeling..mmm..off. The only time my tummy doesn't hurt is when i don't eat, i.e. i get up in the morning and wait till the afternoon to eat. Another issue i have is on some occasions i have strong urges of needing the toilet but it is only mucus, a few times i have passed wind and it is alsi mucus, this can happen when i have needed to go to the toilet but have been at work or out and not been able to go or i have eaten too much the night before, when i say too much i mean, my usual healthy 3 meals of the day and then a bowl of cereal at night if i'm hungry, its like my body couldn't tolerate the little extra food i had and the next day i am totally bloated, in pain, and having mucus without stool numerous times. Please help. Thanks

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Hello algorfa. I am v much relating to the chronic symptoms you are describing. What kind of doctor diagnosed IBS? Was this your GP (general practitioner)? Or a consultant gastroenterologist? If it was a gastroenterologist, did this consultant conduct blood tests & do imaging investigations? I ask because unfortunately, GPs sometimes diagnose IBS when there may be something a bit more underlying the signs & symptoms you're describing....this way, GPs sometimes postpone referral to gastroenterology in the hope signs & symptoms will resolve via a few months of conscientious lifestyle management + basic prescription treatment.

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Hi Barnclown. It was a GP who diagnosed me but i had a referral to a gastroenterologist to have a colonoscopy and they didn't find anything so still say IBS, i have now been asked to do a stool sample which i feel i should have been asked to do before a colonoscopy. Yes i did have follow up at the gastro clinic, 6 months after my colonoscopy where i explained my symptons are alot better after reducing my food intake, basically eating child portions. Another 6 months later i went to the doctor because i had no had a perio for 7 months and my GP said it was because i was under weight, i explained that eating less food allows me telif from my IBS as the mebeverine(the pills i take for IBS) doesn't work on it's own. He said he is refering mr to a dieticain and to do a stoll sample. In the meantime i have increased my food gradually and felt fine until recently when my tummy seems to hurt most times i eat but not every time, which also confuses me as to why it hurts on occassions and then othet nothing. Yesterday on here i came across a product called Silicol gel, i have read reviews on amazon, seems quite promosing, will give it a try. Thanks for you're reply Barnclown.

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Hang in there. I'm going through the same sort of diagnostic & treatment process: gastroenterology investigations + trial & error treatments...these investigations started many years ago, with similar results to yours (although gastroenterology has been able to specifically diagnose various upper GI conditions).

Lucky for me, I can often minimise my version of lower & upper GI probs via excluding certain food types from my diet. But I also am diagnosed with systemic immune dysfunction conditions for which I take various heavy duty daily prescription meds and these are somewhat damping down my chronic gastro symptoms. So there is no doubt some sort of inflammation is involved in my lower GI stuff

What do I know, but I suspect medics sometimes label us with IBS when they can't figure out what's really wrong 😏...so the important thing is to keep reporting back to our medics: this way, they have to keep trying on our behalf 😉

Take care 🍀🍀🍀🍀 coco


Keep pushing to find out what's causing your problems, I was told I had colitis after tests. Find wheat and corn cause me problems. Like bloating and wind best of luck.


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