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Just wondering if anybody else has days where they pass almost exclusively mucus? I have IBS-D and had a bad few days earlier in the week, however since Friday afternoon I've passed nearly exclusively mucus with only a tiny amount of stool. I still have the crampy feeling of needing the toilet but nothing much happens when I try to go. Has anyone else experienced this? I was only recently diagnosed with IBS so am still learning what's normal and what I should return to the GP with. Thanks.

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  • yes I get this - either orange or dark coloured mucus, although I have IBS-C not IBS-D. You should mention it to your GP in case there are further tests to be done. In my case nothing has shown up but this symptom is rather alarming - I too would be interested to hear other peoples' experiences

  • I have ibs a and this is normal. Happens quite a lot so don't be too worried

  • It's a common IBS symptom - I get it now and again as well. Try not to worry.

  • Yes, I get this too, feel like I'm going to have the runs, dash to the toilet, but it's just mucus.

  • Yes, I've had this too but not since I started taking Probiotics. Are you taking them?

  • I mentioned it to my GI doctor and she says it's common. I take Mucinex if it's dry (mucous thinner). probiotics help

  • You should keep a food diary with bowel movements - don't forget to put down the timings too - to see if there is a pattern - do this for about 3 weeks

    You may find that dairy is a factor and after about : weeks you could try one good elimination at a time - also do this for about 3 weeks (this all worked for me)

    I now use soya milk, Pure spread and have soya yogurt although I can't have cabbage or brown bread either, to control my symptoms of diarrhorea.

    Some people have used the Fodmap diet to control symptoms

  • Thank you all, very reassuring to see that others have had the same thing. Interesting to see dairy mentioned, with other foods I've eliminated I've probably increased the amount of dairy I have so I'll cut that back and see what happens!

  • Yes I've experienced this on many occasions although very rarely suffer with IBS D.

  • Hi. Yes, I often have mucus, sometimes with and sometimes without stool. Certain foods make the problem much worse for me, especially onion, garlic, tomatoes and strong spices. As some people have suggested, It is definately worth making a food diary.

  • Yep, me too....

    Usually feel bloated, gassy and feel like I need to go urgently quite a few time during the same day when I have an period of this, usually lasts a couple of days.

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