Hi I am in my early 20s and have suffered with ibs like symptoms for a couple of years since starting university. I have been to the doctors with trouble with bloating after eating and they seem to think it is IBS.

Recently the bloating has got a lot worse and my tummy basically bloats up like a balloon after every meal I eat. Normally it goes down again over night but sometimes I wake up and it is still bloated - I have been feeling really worried about it and was just wondering if anyone experiences a similar thing? My bowel movements haven't really been effected.

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  • It will almost certainly be diet related. You need to try and work out what is the problem. Wheat is quiet often a culprit. Try replacing tea and coffee with peppermint tea ( you get used to it ). Try a decent probiotic. Lots of advice on here if you put bloating into search .

  • Thank you! Can you recommend any good probiotics as I have not tried that yet?

  • I used Vivomixx before and it worked. It's pretty much the strongest one on the market and can be bought online. I had similar symptoms for ages and it calmed them down in a week. Bioglan Super Strength is also worth a go, that's not as strong but still a good product and doesn't need to be stored in the fridge. If you are in the UK it's available in Holland & Barrett. Good luck!

  • Thank you that's really helpful I will give them a try!

  • Try these. Free trial so nothing to lose and I think they have helped me.

  • Be very careful with " free trials" They have your credit card and before you know it you will have to fight them for the money back. some " free trials" make you decide in 10 days or else they slam your cc.

  • Not the case with this one. No details other than address required or I would not recommend it.

  • Poor you it might be like me I realise it was not eating regularly perhaps and also a big thing was realising beer/lager didn't agree with me..gassy drinks left me bloated and I couldn't burp it up! I felt like I couldn't be a true student initially! I remember going to bed bloated and waking up feeling better. Perhaps it's the yeast in beer as well which could be a trigger, the whole yeast/wheat thing 😳Good luck!

  • Thanks I have already pretty much cut out all alcohol and fizzy drinks and have just recently cut out gluten but not really seeing any improvements yet!

  • I have the bloating symptoms too. Not really diarrhoea or constipation but bloating and the odd stomach cramping once every couple of weeks. Going to bed at night is a kind of relief for it as trying to do things during the day can be hard. I too usually feel better when I wake up but sometimes yeah I'm still bloated. For about 5 years and particularly the last 2/3 I have had this, since the age of 27. I have exhausted, or it feels like it, all possibilities for it and it now pretty much rules my life always worrying about eating anything. Maybe try a product called Silicolgel which works sometimes for me! Boots sell it. The really hard thing with ibs is that there can be so many different causes for it and what medications work for one don't necessarily work for another. It drives me insane!

  • The doctor needs to do more than just listen to you, tests need to be carried out before they can diagnose IBS as they need to rule out other ailments. I had a Colonoscopy and Endoscopy many years ago and that is when I was diagnosed.

  • What did the endoscopy show? I thought that just showed if you are a coeliac? You are lucky you were offered that by your GP ..sorry lucky is not really the word is it 😳

  • I think that's probably what it does show but I also had an Endoscopy. Crohns is also diagnosed from one of these tests but I'm not sure which. I agree that I am lucky with my doctor as he is really good and does listen as he sent me for another Colonoscopy last August as I was feeling worse but that came back clear. I hope that you feel better very soon.

    My symptoms are mainly stomach cramps, bloating, nausea and constipation.

    Take care

  • I had all of these tests plus others and my doctor is really good however IBS is like Russian Roulette and not like something where you take a pill or a treatment and you are good Too bad!

  • My next part of the IBS journey is to go dairy free; I have seen so many posts on here from people that have said they feel so much better cutting dairy out of their diets. Some of those people can even reintroduce dairy back in their diet after a while. This is worth a try.

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